How much can a Marais hold?

  1. I'd like to get a Damier, and since I have 2 speedies, I'd like to get a shoulder bag. I've been considering the Marais. I think it's very cute, but I'm concerned that it may be too small for me. Those who have one or have had one, how much can you carry in it? Is it comfortable to carry? Do you ever have any trouble with the open top? Thanks!
  2. I have a petit bucket which is similar to the size of the marais. It's kinda small, and I actually dislike its open top (but it was my first actual shoulder bag which is why I love it); but when you fill it up, it's not too cumbersome. I've had no problems carrying a lot of things. I use the cosmetics pouch to hold my lipstick and compact. For the other pockets, I can put my cles, my cell phone, and a few pens and papers. It's difficult to put a wallet in there for me (it gets in the way with the cosmetic pouch), so I have to use a cles. I can even fit a small notebook in there.

    Admittedly, you could probably fit more things well with a speedy 30. How much do you carry in your bag? I don't really carry too much on a daily basis, which is why I find it perfect for me.
  3. Totally random but the Marais is the gay neighborhood of Paris :smile:

    I wanted the Passy and Sorbonne shoes because I went to school on rue de Passy and because I studied at L'Institut des Sciences Po.! Silly reason to get something, but I grew out of it :winkiss:
  4. In my opinion the Marais is too small. A friend of mine has one, and she complains that's it's too small, as well. Too bad, because it is a cute shape! Just depends on how much you like to carry, what you intend to use the bag for, etc. Good luck!
  5. i bought the small bucket- thought i would love it- i didn't like it at all. i like it on other ppl, but to actually use it was another story.
  6. i had the petite bucket too, which is same size. They hold quite a bit, was able to fit a book, wallet and various other junk in it and fits nicely on the shoulder. It wasn't very fun digging through it though. I sold it to get a speedy, I couldn't handle the open top after spilling the contents in the car more than once! I miss it though...
  7. i have a mini lin bucket. It actually fits a good amount of stuff inside. And the verticle shape lets you tuck it under your arm so you don't have to really worry about the open top.