How much can a Favorite pm fit?

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  1. Calling Favorite owner for help! I am thinking of getting a cross body bag which have to be able fit in a ipad mini, iphone and insolite wallet. I think favorite mm can fit all three items ( i might be wrong)? Can Favorite pm fit all 3 items in nicely without bulge the bag? Thanks.
  2. I don't know that the pm will fit the ipad mini. I was able to fit the zippy compact wallet and a cles and that was pushing it. I can fit a zippy coin purse, phone, cles and some lipstick in a pm as well. Hope that helps!
  3. Here is what it fits. This is a zippy coin pouch and phone--iPhone 5 with case. Has space for a bigger wallet, and lip gloss. Very sturdy once closed.

    This will definitely not fit an iPad mini. I'm not sure if you're interested, but have you considered the Fascinate? Definitely not on the same levels as the Favorite with fabric and cost, but it will fit an iPad mini.

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  4. iphone zcp keys
  5. Carkeys,one lipbalm, chanel yen wallet,samsung note3. Thats it for me. Definite no to ipad mini, too big for favorite pm.
  6. The basics: phone, small wallet (ZCP or ICP if you have a small LV wallet), keys, lip gloss, and not much else! :smile: As OP mentioned, definitely not the mini iPad. Have you considered the Pouchette Metis? I read on here that the mini fits, and it holds quite a bit more with all of its pockets.
  7. yes, the pochette Metis will definitely hold an iPad mini perfectly with room to spare.
  8. I needed for crossbody. So fascinate may not work, even though the leather is pretty. Pochette métis might work. How is the s lock works? I wanted a casual look. Would pochette métis too formal looking? Thanks.
  9. Really surprise me of how little favorite pm can fit. I got insolite full size wallet. looks so pretty though....
  10. the pochette metis to me is really casual looking. to open, just press the 2 knobs together.
  11. It can fit a full size wallet. Doesn't look like it, but it will fit without being stuffed.
  12. You can place your phone inside your Insolite wallet zipper compartment to save some space in the favorite.
  13. Can a mini pochette fits in the favourite pm/mm?
  14. NastasiaM53 just did a great you tube video comparison of the Favorite vs. Eva. This will help you see what can fit.
  15. How about favorite MM or alma bb? Ipad mini does fit in it.