How much can a City Carry?

  1. Hi all,

    I'm just wondering how much stuff you can carry around in your city?

    I often carry my labtop around.. It is onlu 12" so the measurements seem ok, but will it be to heavy? It weighs 1,6 kg. ?

    So, the newbie question is - How much can your city handle?? :confused1:

    Would I be better off with a parttime? I never see this Part time that everyone is talking about? And I also like pre-loved bags the maybe that means it is not a possibility??

    Help me out, before I make more purchases, im un-stopable these days :rolleyes:

    Thanks in advance :smile:

    Miss M :heart:
  2. I carry my wallet, makeup pouch, cell phone, keys and sunglass case. There's still room. It holds a lot.
  3. Wallet (long or small). Keys, small agenda, cell, magazine, a lipstick, and sometimes light sweater!

    A CITY can fit quite a bit!:smile:
  4. If for city, mainly my wallet, make-up pouch, ipod, handphone, probably magazines.....shld i need to carry with my laptop, it will normally be my office/work bag....:dothewave:
  5. Makeup bag, keys (2sets), LV porchette wallet, sunglasses, a magazine, cellphone, 2 check books, small notebook and usually my husbands junk (wallet and sunglasses). It really does fit a lot without looking huge. I love my city.
  6. If you carry your laptop around a lot, I would consider the Work. A laptop of the size you have will fit in the City, but I don't think you would have a lot of room for much else.
  7. Well ... as per usual ... I'm NOT THE NORM here; I think the City is too small, especially if you will be carrying your Laptop in it!

    My "everyday" items include:
    1. Compagnon Wallet
    2. Coin Purse
    3. Makeup
    4. Shoulder (yes - I put it inside)
    5. Eyeglass Case
    6. Sunglasses Case
    7. Blackberry (thank god I got rid of one of them - I used to have 2!)
    With all of that, I'm finding that the Part-Time is the BEST bag, since it has the extra width and the larger Shoulder Strap! However, for traveling, I still use my Weekender and always pack a smaller (City or Part-Time) bag into my Luggage for everyday use!
  8. I'm guessing the Part time will be my best shot then!! Cause I really want the shoulder strap. :yes:

    But that will be hard to find pre-loved since they are relatively new, right?

    I have been offered the most beautiful work, but it is a white/creamy color (don't know the name) and I find that, besides the fact that it does not have a strap, it will de to delicate for everyday use. I have the pale pink day coming, so I want something brighter/darker for my other big bag...

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!
  9. While a city is quite big (I carry my organizer, wallet, cell-phone, umbrella, The Economist, nano and a large sunglass case all the time), just be really careful about how much these things add up. Just 2 days ago, after getting off the plane, I found that I had a HUGE HOLE on the side of my city where the seams are. In panic, I made a trip to the Balenciaga store in Singapore and they sent me off promptly to their one trusted cobbler. He picked up my city and said "Yo, way too heavy. It's like you're carrying gold bars!" As funny as he said it, I realized that even though the city's got a large capacity, you'll have to watch the weight of all the stuff added up. The cobbler pointed out that B-bag leather is extremely delicate since it's the finest leather selected without any chemical process to it so the heavier the bag is, the faster it's gonna wear out. Hope this helps and gd luck with your new b-bag purchase!
  10. i'd worry about the weight of the laptop tho....

    mine fits and leaves some extra room in my city but i don't wanna carry around a laptop in my city cuz i'm afraid it'd be too heavy for the bag to handle :crybaby: