How much better is Apple Conditioner?

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  1. I bought the Coach cleaner and conditioner and I have been using that in my bags. Is there a noticeable difference between the Apple conditioner and the COACH conditioner?
  2. No clue, but I actually just googled the Apple to get it as opposed to perhaps scotchgard for my new signature bag. I am accustomed to having leather...but never had to clean them with anything!
  3. The main difference that I know of, other than a thicker texture, is the Apple Care does not contain silicones, which apparently keep the leather from breathing, and can eventually break down the leather finish and cause it to crack.
  4. ^ :yes:

    Apple care also seems to do a better job at keeping the leather soft and supple. I can tell a difference since switching.

    You can find it here:

    I just used the code "Summer Sale" for 20% off :tup: on an order yesterday.

  5. Yikes!!!! :wtf:
  6. They have a little kit you can get that has cleaner, conditioner and a soft cloth - it's inexpensive especially with the 20% off.
  7. oh wow. isn't too far from my house!
  8. yes and apparently the coach conditioner can break down the stitching as it has nylon in the stitching which the silicone breaks down. I feel like the apple conditioner absorbs into the leather better
  9. Hi!

    There's a ctually a few great threads about this in Handbags & Purses already.

    I'll close this so we don't have too many duplicates of the same topic, but please do a search and feel free to join a current thread.
Thread Status:
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