How much below Blue Nile Diamond prices is considered a good deal?

  1. To all diamond experts, how much below the price of Blue Nile would you consider a good deal? I recently got a 1.99 carat D color SI1 (the inclusions are all on the side) for about $1,000 less that the prices are going for on Blue Nile. How much below Blue Nile prices would you consider a good deal? TIA!
  2. And I thought Blue Nile was a good deal lol!
  3. I've read that Blue Nile has a mark-up compared to other online retailers, maybe because it is the most reputable.
  4. it really depends on other things, like the certification and the cut.
    There's really zero way to compare a 1.99 carat D color SI1 to another w/o other specs.
  5. Here are the specs:

    Round Brilliant
    Measurements: 8.05 - 8.13 x 5.05 mm
    Carat Weight: 1.99
    Color Grade: D
    Clarity Grade: SI1 (the inclusions are all placed on the side above the table, nothing in the middle)
    Cut Grade: Very Good
    Depth: 62.4 %
    Table: 57 %
    Crown Angle: 35.5°
    Crown Height: 15.5 %
    Pavilion Angle: 41.8°
    Pavilion Depth: 44.5 %
    Star length: 50 %
    Lower Half: 75 %
    Girdle: Thin to Medium, Faceted
    Culet: None

    Polish: Very Good
    Symmetry: Very Good
    Fluorescence: Strong Blue (I don't see any hazy-ness or milky-ness)

    Comments: Additional clouds are not shown.

    Swanky and ladies, I would love to have your assessment. TIA!
  6. :shame: it doesn't score very well w/ those specs unfortunately.

    I plugged them into a cut advisor, which scores stones, here's it's result, the lower # the better, ideally your stone would score somewhere near a 1:

    4.9 - Good - Only if price is your main criterion

    Light Return - Good
    Fire - Fair
    Scintillation - Good
    Spread or diameter for weight - Very Good
  7. Is this cut advisor online? Can you post a link or tell me the website name? Thanks so much!
  8. it's fine:yes:
    if you're hardcore and only want the best anything around 1 is great. For more 'normal' people, like me ;) 1.5-2 ish is fine.
  9. that advisor is just a nifty little tool for people willing to buy on the web, it gives them some extra insurance that the stone won't be lifeless w/o seeing it first.
    It's VERY recommended to send it to your appraiser before the return policy period expires to make sure it's really worth what you pay as well.
  10. the cut advisor is a great tool, but many have said they have a diamond that falls outside of the "perfect" range, and they are true beauties in real life. have you seen the stone in person? I'll admit the 4 is a bit far from the optimal 1-2 range. but if it sparkles, and you love it, who cares what a website says?
  11. ^it's actually 4.9, that's more like 5. . . I just think she could probably do better.
    I said in a different thread though, it's all about what your eyes tell you, not what teh paper says:yes:
  12. ring.jpg

    Here's a picture of the ring. I think those advisors pretty much tell you what the GIA cert tells you about the cut. The cut is GIA Very Good. I couldn't really tell the difference between a Very Good cut and an Excellent cut--but maybe I don't have a very trained eye.
  13. Wow, your ring is gorgeous! I wouldn't worry about this stuff after you already bought your diamond! Enjoy it!