How much are you willing to pay?

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  1. I'm wondering how much are you willing to pay for excellent condition like new Alma PM bag in DE that comes with everything box,paper bag, dustbag,receipt, keys, lock. I am not selling a bag, I am looking for one for my mom but Idk how much I should spend I found one 4 yr.old made in France in brown interior. How much should I pay max? No scratches except light ones on the feet. It looks barely used. Again, I'm not selling just wondering. They are $1500 brandnew without tax. I mean this bag is barely used. Is the brown interior a deal breaker should I decide to sell in the future? Thank you.
  2. Check ebay completed listings. That will give you the best idea of what people are willing to pay. Honestly I don't think the DE alma is that popular. I think buyers prefer the alma in vernis, mono or epi. One TPF'er said that they have to save at least $200 for them to consider buying preloved. If the price is too close to retail, you might as well buy new.
  3. Thank you, the receipt said it's $1370 plux 7% tax. That's $1,465. She paid. She's selling it for $1,200 no tax ofcourse compared to the $1500 brandnew without tax? Do you guys think that's a good price? I am the type of person if I'm not saving half I'll go for brandnew but that's with like other stuff. Idk,about the LV.
  4. At least a 30% discount.
  5. How much are you willing to pay when an item is retired? I've been trying to buy a Totally MM in DE and they are not easy to find especially under $1,000. So far I've only found one in the last 2 weeks for under $1,000 (retail price was $1,430) and it has this scuff on the leather so I'm on the fence.

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