How much are you using your agenda?

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  1. I need your help! I'm contemplating on getting an LV agenda but I'm not sure if an agenda is for me or if I'll use it. How much do you use yours? Do you combine it as a wallet? So please help me: you can't live without it or you don't use it as much as you imagined you would?
    And witch agenda canvas is your favourite; vernis, multicolor, monogram? Etc

    Thanks 😀❤️👍
  2. Sold mine. I found it was redundant with a tablet and cellphone.
  3. Every day. It depends whether you're old fashioned in terms of liking to write things down as opposed to keeping track of your life with your phone/tablet/computer. I just prefer to use pen and paper for schedule-keeping, and I have never used my phone's calendar for that, so my agenda is very useful to me.
  4. I use mine all the time after thinking that I probably wouldn't. I use it as a mini diary.
  5. I have the Mono MM & I just love it. I use it everyday for everything. I jot my notes, thoughts, plans, shopping lists, diary etc in it. Meetings & appointments. I could not live without it. I love how its so compact but mighty and holds EVERYTHING. Would definitely advise to watch youtube vids especially boyoverboards :smile:
  6. +1

    It really depends whether you like to put all your appointments in your smartphone or prefer to take notes.
    Personally, I also prefer to write them down with pencil and paper and therefore I love my PM Agenda and use it everyday. I added a Filofax inlay with little Post-its and markers and this makes it even more functional.
    I have the Vernis Pomme and I've been using it everyday for about 3 years. It still looks perfect and I do love the pop of colour! :love:
  7. I have a small agenda that I wasn't using much. My calendar and contacts are all in my cell phone. I did get the note pages and started using it for note taking, grocery lists or anything I need to jot down. I still find it easier to write things down rather than try to type them into a phone, so for that reason it's still useful to me.
  8. I do like mine but find it awkward to write in due to the size (pm). If I were to purchase now, I'd definitely get a bigger size.
  9. I have the GM in DE. Purchased preloved years ago, and have used it several times a day since then. It's invaluable to me, I prefer using pen and paper for my schedule vs technology.
  10. I own two of them because I fell in love with two different prints, lol. I absolutely love them! and I use them as a wallet/agenda in one when I don't want to use my full size wallets or my Insolite in my smaller handbags & it works wonderfully for me. If you need something to write some notes, to do's, quick reminders, appointments & things like that (which is what I use mine for) you will get lots of use out of it.

    For me it was no question I wanted them in Canvas with leather due to their durability since all my LV slg's in canvas all look as new as the day I got them, not to mention they match, lol

    I'm not sure if you have checked out the Agenda clubhouse, if you haven't that can give you some helpful information about how the members feel about them as well as other great insight with photos to maybe help you choose which print, color, or size of agenda that would best suit your lifestyle, or if it's something you would even use, GL
  11. I have an mini agenda (Epi in vanilla) for the last ~10 years that I still manage to buy the refills every year. I find that I use it lesser as each year goes by, since I put majority of my appointments into my iphone. However, I find that the address book is very handy for others to write their contact info in and I use the daily calendar for quick notes when I find typing it onto my phone takes too long. Plus, the mini agenda pen is the only pen that I carry in my purse, and it is very handy.
  12. I definitely don't use it as much as I anticipated since I don't find it too useful as a wallet. However, I still love it! I own the PM size and do enjoy the size. I am excited to use it as a passport cover as well.

  13. I did the same thing. It was so cute, but I never used it.
  14. I got mine in MC PM last month, got the day agenda refill and use it everyday as a notebook so far since I am currently preparing for exams... I also got Kate spade refill and use that as an agenda... I found the PM size kinda small for notebook though... Trying to get a Mono MM so that my notebook and agenda can be separated! :smile:
  15. I use mine GM mono every single day. I'm completely paranoid of the slight possibility of my phone crashing taking away with it my next 3 -5 months of scheduled business meetings. Also find it much easier to make a quick schedule change in paper version opposed to flipping on a phone screen. I think it comes down to what fits your lifestyle best. My days are not constant ( meeting with different clients at different locations ). If I had a more 9-5 office job think the MM or PM would be ideal as the GM is heavy.