how much are you LOVING the pet accessories!!

  1. I wish I didn't buy Leander the black one with the bone in August and waited to get one of the legacy ones!
  2. Just wait until they're in stores! There is the cutest set up w/ a dog and everything!
  3. My Labs would eat them :smile: I love them though!
  4. Aww really? I'm thinking a leash, he would ruin the sweater lol.
  5. Cute, but my mom would murder me if I spent that much on anything for the dog. Plus I'd have to buy for HER dog too, since she'd get jealous!
  6. I plan on getting the red patent one for my irish wolfhound, i'm just afraid the XL won't be big enough! hahah. I also want one for my yorkie but she never wears collars unless she goes outside :/

  7. I want to get the red patient for my dog How cute is that, and must own the matching leash as well!
  8. Awwww! I actually don't use the collar for actual use, its just to be able to grab him if he's up to something, look adorable, and to keep his information on, I have a harness for him so I won't cause stress on his neck when he darts after a chipmunk..or a squirrel.. or a leaf..
  9. ^^He's actually pulled so hard the metal piece of his old but tough looking leather roll collar from petsmart broke. Haha he was so clueless for a moment on why he could suddenly roam as he could please, forgot about the bird and came back to me all confused.
  10. I got a large for my dog thinking it would be okay as he's 45 pounds - it's huge on him. So sad; I guess I'll have to try to ebay it.
    Side note: I've always wanted a pony but I decided I could settle for an irish wolfhound because they're about the same size, hehe.
  11. My yorkie refuses to be nice about collars and almost never uses a leash since she is an inside pup unless we go to her grandmas house :smile: She will wear a dress all day long (maybe tear lace off if she hates it) But she has eaten through 1 collar and 2 harnesses :sad:
  12. Very cute but I don't have a doggie so that means more $ for bags for me! LOL.