How much are you lovin' the Work and why ~ I'm ready to upgrade!


Mar 20, 2006
Gateway to the Napa Valley
hey everyone! i've been on a very long hiatus from balenciaga forums/shopping. now that i'm gonna be a mommy, it's time to celebrate with a bbag! what remains of my collection are 3 cities/1 day, and i've decided on the work since i'm going to need the extra space. i'll be receiving my first work (in sandstone!) by the end of next month (yay!), and i'm already thinking about f/w 08. it's going to take extra saving, but i'm thinking a ruby and/or anthracite work! what do you think...will a work in ruby be too much red? :nuts:

btw, please do tell how much you love your work and why. :flowers:
Mar 5, 2006
I don't actually own a Work, but just wanted to say congrats on the baby! I think a Work will be great because it has lots of room and can be carried on the shoulder.
Aug 14, 2007
I have the work in rouge vif and it is amazing. Love the size, love the color! You will be a super chic mommy with either anthra or ruby but I'd pick anthra since its easier to match with clothes. Though the red is nice if you don't have a fun color yet :smile: hth!!
Jan 29, 2006
i just recently upgraded as well. I have a white GGH work and i'm loving the extra space. I'm more of a city style girl because I do not carry much however I love having the option of carrying an extra book, water bottle, or sweater for when it gets chilly. Slowly but surely the work style is becoming my favorite plus there's more leather to love!haha.


Oct 7, 2007
i ADORE the work; it's my absolute favorite style!
i'm a big bag girl, and, when you've got Bal bags that are all about the leather, i love having the big bags to show them off. plus i get to tote all my random crap with me, giving me a very odd sense of security, if that makes any sense.


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Nov 6, 2007
Hong Kong
^^ ITA!! I recently fell inlove for the Work style too!! I think a Ruby Work is TDF!!! It's perfect size for a mommy!!:tup: you can throw in there diapers and milk bottles and everything else!


Sep 4, 2007
I love the Work! I'm a recent convert as well, I started out with 1 each of First, City, Giant City and Day and then I just knew I had to have a Work judging from all the gorgeous photos on here. I guess the best part about the Work is how there's so much more leather to love. And it holds the kitchen sink and bathroom sink, too :P Downside is there is no shoulder strap so it may be a bit fussy when you've got your baby (congrats btw!) because the handles can slip down your shoulders quite a bit and you wouldn't really have free hands to hold it all the time.


Sep 8, 2006
I sadly have no Work yet either..but it's one of my favourite styles..I'm tall, the City doesn't look right on me, but the Work!:heart: And room for all your bits.., you can chuck in a jumper and a book and of course the incredible load that comes with having a baby..

I wish you all the luck with both your bag and your new baby!
Nov 27, 2007
Vancouver, B.C.
congratulations mommy :yahoo: !! I absolutely :heart: my work. I love big bags and the bal work is fantastic because it is ridiculously roomy but at the same time looks great when not stuffed, there is more yummy leather and it collapses and slouches beautifully. Also I really love the GH on this style because its not overpowering because it's spread over a larger surface area but at the same time adds more visual interest since there is no shoulder strap. It fits comfortably over the shoulder and I think it looks very crisp and clean sans strap as well which allows you to also dress it up. I get tons of compliments when I'm a little more dressed up and then have this bold statement - very versatile !

Did I list enough reasons yet ? :roflmfao: Let us know what you decide and make sure to post pictures !!


Nov 17, 2006
I love my work as it holds all I need it to hold, and it´s also good to travel with as a smallish carryon;). I have loved that style ever since I first saw it back in -05.........I love bigger bags! Congrats on being a mummy!!!



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Jul 11, 2007
balenciaga heaven
i have two works and love this size. i have so many things to put in my bag when i go to work and the Work size is just perfect, even a4 documents can fit it without any problems, and it's so beautiful once broken in. i think that you will use this size a lot as a mummy. i love big bags, i've tried on a city many times, but i found the city too small for me. i have a twiggy and use it less often than my works and day. for the color choice, i think ruby can be very nice. i've seen a great EB work and a yummy turquoise work too. for A/W, charbon seems to be a nice choice for this style.


Sep 2, 2006
OMG where have you been girlie. I am so happy to see you here again. :heart:My sister just had a baby too and i asked the same question from every one. Here is my thread:
She ended up liking the Work because she already has a baby bag that uses every day. I own a Work and i love it. :love:City never looked good on me. I hope my thread will give you some good ideas. Welcome back.:heart::heart::yahoo: