How much are these in Europe?

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  1. Anybody knows how much do they sell MM leather bracelets & keyrings in Paris?



    Hope someone can help :smile: Thanks.
  2. the bracelet is about 80 euros. :smile:
  3. Thanks, thats much cheaper than in Singapore :smile:

    Any idea about the keyring. It so sweet, thinking of matching with my mini bow
  4. In Madrid's Miu Miu store that bracelet costs 90 euros.
  5. oh my! that bracelet is rather inexpensive! me likey. :smile:

    however, does it turn your wrist green? i'm a little worried...
  6. no!!! Doesnt turn my wrist green. :biggrin: go for it, its so cute!
  7. Yeah it's cute n dainty cos the leather is rather slim.

    Do you think red, mughetto or white is nicer? Can't decide :smile: