How much are these handbags?

  1. Hi! I am just wondering how much would these handbags cost if I'm buying a brand new directly at a Chanel Store? I live in Hong Kong and is there a price difference?


    I need the price for the orange one...[​IMG]
  2. I think the Charms bag is about $5000 in the US.
  3. Oh.. Is it a limited edition one? I saw the orange one here in a Chanel Store and ever since that day, I want to buy one for myself. But the thing is, how much does it cost? Also, the gold one is very beautiful and eye catching for me.. Can you guys help me with this? Thanks!
  4. The first is called the Lucky Charms bag. There are two sizes the smaller is 6000 and the larger is 7000. The second picture I know two of the prices. The red perforated is 1895 and the blue perf tote is 2395. The bottom picture is 2100, I'm pretty sure.
  5. Oh thank you! The Lucky Charms bag is very beautiful but it's way too expensive for me already. Hehe. I might get the bottom picture or the red perforated one.. Thank you so much for the info!
  6. Hi! I just called the nearest Chanel Boutique on my place and they said that the Red Perfo Classic Flap is HKD 17400 and the Metallic Gold is not available here anymore... Boo Hoo.. I wanted the Gold one more... :sad:
  7. The gold hue bag is called 2.55 reissue. They ain't anymore in HK, trust me. I visited all Chanel boutiques when I was in HK two weeks ago.
  8. The orange perf is 1825 in US and CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America has one available right now.
  9. The gold handbag, is it still available in U.S.A.?