How much are the Dior D1 sunglasses?

  1. I tried the rose-coloured pair at the Dior boutique and fell in love! Just wondering if Dior accessories are muuuch more expensive in Sg, does anyone know how much they are in the US? TIA! :p
  2. Which D1? you mean Dior Day? or the Rainy one? I saw the newest collection is the Dior Strassy. It is stunning & absolutely gorgeious. It has tons of stone & dior logo in white. YOu should check that out. I think it's only $375. I like the rainy one also.

    By the way this is the picture:
  3. here's the picture of the stone

  4. gorgeous shades. I have dior I own over 6 pairs of their shades. my local store did not have the above ones in, I got to check back as they are so cute.
  5. Like WOWWWW, thanks purselover! Those are some gorgeous bling shades! I have attached a picture of the D1 in black. I tried on the red ones and can't seem to get them out of my head!
    Dior D1.jpg
  6. OH those are nice too, but my face can't math with that kinda of shade. I think in the same website you can find them. In eBay i'm not sure about the color, maybe it is this color?
  7. Yes these are the ones!!! Thank you!!! Hmmm do you think they're authentic? They retail for S$420, I really am in love with them, but I hardly ever wear shades so it seems like such a waste of money.

    But on the other hand, how can anything so pretty be a waste right? :graucho:
  8. did you get it? I'm sure they are authentic. The seller has sold over 3000 pair of sunglasses. I would spend 300-400 on a pair of sunglass if they look good. My face is hardly match with anything so cheap sunglass can't go with me. It isn't because my face is so damn gorgeous. It is just way to round, I found Chanel & Dior are best for me. Trust me! if you think they are pretty, get it. Don't be hestitate. It's hard to find things you like.
  9. Hehehe thank you! That's what I needed to hear, you are such an enabler heh heh... I am going to the Dior store today!! But trying to figure out if I could possibly redeem my credit card points for voucher and using them to get the sunglasses at a discount.

    Yes I agree, it's hard for me to find sunglasses which look so good too! This pair reeeally rocked... Sigh I think I WILL get them, just a matter of when!
  10. ooooooo i like them!!! very pretty
  11. they look much nicer in red. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY BUY THEM.
    HE has authentic shades i bought from him before. anyway he has money back guarantee for authenticity purposes. talk to him. (ive had great experience with him before)
  12. Gals I got them!!! Well, to be specific, my darling fiance got them for me... And I thought he NEVER listens to me while I'm going on and on about my lemmings...

    I will post pics soon hehee..