How much are paypal fees nowadays? 5%?? Is that right?

  1. I always thought paypal fees were 3%. But recently I recieved payment for an eBay item of about $10.50 (roughly) and was charged 60 cents fee. I did the math and it was 5.-something%, almost 6%. Is that right??? I always thought it was 3%. Its only 60cents but I plan on selling larger price tag items later and 6% would be a lot!
  2. if you have a look on the paypal site it tells you the fee % somewhere
  3. Well, paypal stated that the charge for % is when you uses credit card to make payment, which I think a lot of people uses for paypal.

    If you're using business or premier account..
    the charge will be 2.4% to 3.4%( depends on your amount coming into your account monthly) ) + a fix fee.. (i'm not sure for USA, whats the fix fee.. for Singapore, it's SGD0.50)

    If you're using personal account it will be 5.4% plus a fix fee and you can only accept a certain number of card payment in a year. Not more than 5 if I remember correctly.
  4. I think it's 2.4% + 30c for regular payments, and 3.4% + 30c for other currencies?