How much are Oak Hanover`s ???

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  1. The bag of the day today is - Oak hanover !!!!

    Decided that I want an Oak Hanover ( well today that is !!)

    Does anyone know how much they are and if any are about ?
  2. Mmm, nice choice!!

    I think they were around £416? And they def had one in Shepton - but this was a few weeks ago now. Worth a call though, if the price is right?
  3. Tara, my darling, it's your lucky day!
    Shepton had two oak Hanovers yesterday - think at £416.
    They also had it in chocolate & the smaller size in oak, the Havana.
    Let us know what you get!

  4. Hi morning - Do you know what the Langhan Bag is like !!

    Just rang Cheshire oaks and they said they have the Hanover and the Langhan ( like hanover but smaller ??)

    I like the sound of the langhan - but don`t want to get a bag that i have not seen.

    Also whats a havana ??
  5. The Havana is just a smaller version of the Hanover. It's the same shape but it is tiddly - it wouldn't go over your shoulder.
    Did she mean the Langford? That's the same leather & size of the Hanover but it's squarer with a pocket on the front. It's nice but I prefer the Hanover shape.
  6. OOooooo,Tara the Hanover is such a fab bag!!! I tried the lil one Sara mentioned(Havana),and with you having kids,you would find it small.The Hanover is just a fantastic size and so damn easy to wear!!!!

    I sprayed mine to death,it says pre-treated on the label,I went with that,got a huge rain mark.And then suffocated it with collinil and its been ok. The leather does mark easily,but it looks alright,goes with the look of the bag,I was very dubious about that at first,but I actually don't mind it in the slightest!!!
  7. Tara- they probably meant Langford. I have this bag it is as SJ said squarer, has a front pocket and a zippered top. Very soft and slouchy. It is made of Havana leather - that is what the care card said.
  8. Oak hanover is a lovely bag!
  9. Tara - I think you really need a Hanover!!!
  10. I think you do too :lol::lol::lol:
  11. Mmm,totally balls up onthe sizes on my Chesh Oaks thread
    There is a Langford and a Langham,but the Hanover is the mid size of the three,and they had them all in at C Oaks yesterday