How much are Medium Mabels currently at outlet?

May 7, 2007
I know lots of people have bought Mabels recently and YES I have Mabel fever. Its possible I could get a Medium Mabel at outlet - does anybody know how much they currently are at outlet?

Maybe its time for me to go RED? Then again, Pebble is really me!
May 7, 2007
Thanks KLP - I really do like the Pebble but I did promise hubby that I wouldn't buy any new bags until April when I've finished my diet as a treat!

I'm hoping to be able to get to Bicester soon so I'm going to have a look and I think I'm going to be taking my Olive Euston back to see if they will refund it because the zip is really stiff and the top where the leather is glued to the zip, it seems to be coming apart.

I know there was talk before of a batch of bad zips on the Euston so I'm going to see what they can do for me. I'll have a look at Mabels while I'm there and see what I think. I haven't even tried this bag irl but I love the style and YES Pebble looks divine and just the sort of colour I would go for.

However, I did think that as they do some beautiful colours in the Mabel, this could be my opportunity to get a colourful bag.


Dec 13, 2006
I think they tend to be 30% off so around £416. But they could have some of the sale ones in at half price - how you do feel about the blue or fuschia?


Sep 2, 2008
Northern Ireland
I can honestly say that I'm loving the Mabel style so much right now. It's lightweight and doesn't kill my shoulder when it's full of stuff; it has loads of pockets and is easy to get in/out of. This is a must for me when I have DD with me. The Mabel is actually more practical for me than my Rosemaries. :shocked:

I've never tried the Euston so can't comment on it much. But if you really love it and think you'll use in come summer I'd see what they can do about the zip. And if you fall in love with the Mabel when you try it IRL, I say get one!!!

I see your point about getting a colourful bag. I love purple so when the Blenheim showed up on lovehandbags I pounced on it. Before that I only had oak, choc and black bags.
May 7, 2007
I've just phoned James at Bicester and spoke to him about the zip and glue on the Euston. I don't think they will refund it, I think they'll send it off for repair.


Aug 6, 2007
my euston also has a really tough zip!! I've been using my orange mabel nearly every day - can fit loads in and like klp says it does not feel heavy and is great on shoulder - its really easy to get into. I think i may try to find a brown one as i dont have any brown bags. i would def rec mabel!!!
May 7, 2007
I'm not sure if I can justify getting Mabel unless Bicester will exchange Euston. I may have to wait. I'm not really supposed to be buying at the moment anyway, it was just a thought that if they would exchange Euston then I might be able to get the Mabel because it, effectively, would be half price with the money from Euston.

I'll have to wait and see.


Jun 13, 2008

I had a problem with the zip on my Euston at the end of last year and sent it off for them to inspect. I got an email off them a couple of weeks later saying that the bag had a fault so got the money back no problems. If it's a similar type of thing then I'm sure you'll get your money / a voucher but they might want to see it at their repairs place first.
May 7, 2007
Well, Hubby has just looked at the Euston and said that there is nothing wrong with it. He said that I am just trying to find something wrong with it so that I can exchange it for something else - he could be right.

Also, he said that he doesn't like the bag and didn't like it when I first bought it home!

x I just don't feel the love for it (as you can tell) and as I have 2 LV Speedys (Monogram and Damier), I just don't need another bag this shape and size!
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Sep 16, 2006
Ali shame about the Euston, I liked it on you. But if you have doubts and are coveting a Mabel I think it makes sense........
May 7, 2007
So do you all think I'm right wanting a Mabel - probably Fuschia or Red?

My current bags are:-

Oak Bayswater
Oak Roxanne
Chocolate Roxanne
Oak Phoebe
Chocolate Antony
Chocolate Jamie
Chocolate Somerset Shoulder
Oak Hanover
Coconut Araline


LV Monogram Speedy
LV Damier Speedy
LV Monogram Musette
LV Monogram Ellipse

I don't work and I'm not really a 'smart' person so Patent or anything REALLY structured is not for me.

My wardrobe consists mainly of Jeans, T Shirts, Black Trousers, Casual Knee Length skirts, V neck jumpers, plain coloured cardigans, black knee high boots both high or biker style, Timberland Boots and Converse!

Is a Medium Mabel casual enough for me? I'm leaning more towards Red rather than Fuschia to be honest because I think Red goes really well with my basic wardrobe or Jeans, White T shirt and Converse as well as smartening up for an evening out in Black Trousers.