How much are H wallets?

  1. How much do they start at? Also, which one is bigger? The bearn, dogon, or azap? I carry EVERYTHING in my wallets.

    Are there other wallets too?
  2. My friend got a chevre Bearn wallet last year and after tax it was close to 2K (or was it already 2K?). I think dogon is bigger than bearn wallet. Also, Bearn wallet comes in the compact size as well, it's a bit cheaper. If you're looking for lots of compartments and space, azap or dogon may be a better option than bearn.
  3. The bifold bearn wallet I recently saw was $1770 before tax. It will go up very soon, Feb 1st. It sounded like that $1770 bifold bearn would be about $1950~$2000 before tax after price increase on Feb 1:yucky: !
  4. They start at about 12 hundred at the store (for a bearn) Dogon starts about 14 hundred.
  5. I looked at a Bearn yesterday in Tysons, the one I looked at was long and cost $1925, did they go up on prices yet. I would invest in one but I stuff everything in my wallet, so it wouldn't be practical for me, but that calf leather with palladium is gorgeous. I'm not really sure if these are hard to get, but they had a lot of those of colored animal charms, what are they called?
  6. djsmom- I was at tysons yesterday also! I looked at several bearn wallets-both bifold and trifold- in black epsom(I think),black box, blue jean epsom. I also saw a bright orange azap. I think I like the trifold bearns the best. I carry a ton in my wallet.
  7. A small, vertical Azap is around $1,675. If you carry a lot you may want to look at the Dogon or the regular-sized Azap which is pretty big.
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  10. the new compact Bearn is about $2,200 for chevre
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  13. Help! I am undecided on a bearn trifold or an AZAP, which is better. I saw both on eBay, but I also located a Bearn trifold in calf at an H store, should I get the one in the store before the price hike or should I pursue the one eBay and save a couple hundred for a preowned.