How much are earings and necklaces? Buy new or vintage on eBay?


Jul 14, 2012
I'm longing for a pair of Chanel earrings or necklace. But since I don't have a Chanel store near by I dont know if I should buy them off eBay and risk getting fakes, or wait for my NYC in October to visit a Chanel store. Are the jewelry much cheaper on eBay otherwise? Are there a lot of fakes? Is it real as long it has a stamp, or could that easily be faked too? I'm not interested in the clip-on earings, they usually seem a bit too big for my liking. Thanks!


Jan 13, 2008
They are way too overpriced. I bought my first Chanel earrings on eBay for $240 ($225 + $15 shipping) six years ago and found out later that they were only $195 at the store. Lol. From then on, I only bought CJs at the store :P. You get a much larger selection and you know they're authentic.


Jul 19, 2012
Definitely buy them at a boutique. If you are after some specific pieces, you can call up the boutique a couple of days before you head down to check on stock availability. That way, you can also check the quality of the piece you are taking home before putting the cash down. Plus the experience of shopping at a Chanel boutique is lovely :smile:

I got my first pair of Chanel earrings on eBay and was completely ripped off. Realised later that I would have paid about 40% lesser had I gotten it at a boutique. Unless you are after a rare limited edition piece that is completely sold out, don't turn to eBay.


Mar 21, 2011
personally i would wait till you go to the chanel store then you are 100% sure of buying authentic juwelry and also you can see how it fits you..
or you can buy on these websites with original designer guaranteed: malleries, yoogi closet,farfetch..
good luck! :heart: