How much are Chanel shoes?

  1. Hi! I would like to ask which models of flat shoes does Chanel do? And the prices?! Thanks in advance!!! :love:
    I don't have an idea about which models are available in Europe/Italy?!
  2. My classic ballet flats are around $500 Canadian. The seasonal ones may be a bit more.
  3. The normal one cost 195 pounds in UK and Cambon flat cost around 250 pounds
  4. Thanks both ladies!!! :love:

    I have one question, for classical flats do you mean the type of those I'm attaching? I'm sorry if it's a fake, unfortunately is the only photo I found - but it's just to get the style.
  5. Yes, those are the classics. I have brown with a black toe, black with black patent toe, black suede with black leather toe, and beige with black. They come in lots of colours.
  6. thanks Jayne1!

    To all: do you think that Chanel shoes are worth their price? And what if compared to LV or Tod's ones?
  7. Oh that's an interesting question. I have a few Tods as well.

    My Tods are more sporty... the soles are often pebbly, even the dressy shoes... aren't really dressy. Lately, I am only wearing my Chanels. They are so comfortable, I can walk for a long distance in them and even though they are a flat, they are still dressy enough. They do seem to last and last. Mine look pretty much the same as they did when they were new.

    So to answer your question... I do think they are on par, or perhaps better, than my Tods.
  8. I just bought cap-toe ballet flats last week for US$450 without tax.
  9. i buy alot of chanel shoes mainly because they hold up more than other brands...they are fab shoes...comfy and always keep their shape
  10. Yeah, thanks for your opinions! I love shoes with heels but I'm too goofy with them! I am going to my BF degree next March, I think I am going to make a big purchase for shoes and something cute but cheap for cloths... I have already my mini flap to steal attention :graucho:
    So I am thinking about a pair of flats that may match with the bag. Thanks!