How Much Apple Garde Conditioner Should I Use?

  1. I just bought some Apple Garde conditioner and applied it to some of my bags. Is my leather supposed to be softer after using the conditioner? I haven't noticed a difference and was wondering if I may be applying too little? Does anyone out there know how much to use and what the leather should be like afterwards? :huh:
  2. Apply a generous amount (you know-like sunscreen ;) ), let it sit to sink in, buff if necessary to remove excess, and do it again.

    All the bags I did that way felt softer and you can always remove any excess. You really should feel a differerence: even my Paddy with the first batch of super soft squishy leather felt even more amazing. But..each leather bag will be different as to how it feels and how much it "takes".
  3. Okay, great! Thanks a lot! Just one last question . . . do I apply the conditioner directly onto the bag or onto the cloth first? Or does it not matter?
  4. Grad:

    I've applied it both ways - depending on what worked better for the spot to which I was applying. I don't think it matters.