How much advance notice for Metallic lines?

  1. When the last round of metallics came out- how far in advance did you divas know they were going to be released? :flowers:

    I'm a diva too.- all bbag women are. :upsidedown:

    Because I want a PURPLE METALLIC the worst way. possible.

    I'm asking this b/c of the discovery of LAMBSKIN being used again- and the Metallic lines were made of Lamb--- perhaps this is a hint from BALENCIAGA or am I being WAY overly optimistic? :lol:
  2. Nobody remembers?
  3. I'm not sure if I understand your question completely, but the metallic leather motorcycle styles were done as special holiday edition in '04/'05 with the hardware painted the same color as the metallic lamb skin leather.

    Then in Fall '05 the released more metallic motorcycle bags this time with shiny nickel hardware.

    And then in 2006 a line of non-motorcycle bags were produced and called "Linea Metallica" or something like that ;o) They were made of washed lamb leather I believe and had a metal plate on the bag.
  4. Thank you RDC- but you know how colors/styles LEAK out to the public and people find out what is availble the next season- how far in advance did people have confirmation about Metallics being released? 3 months? 5 months? Weeks? Surprise?

    I'm just wishing that they'd make another Metallic line.... :girlsigh:
  5. Alaska, I wish I could help you, but I'm a relative newby to Balenciaga - just started buying last January....
  6. I think the speed of leaks is increasing so now-a-days will be way more notice than back in '04/'05 when the Metallic bags were done.

    I'm pretty sure there's always been a few months advance though. Pretty much once the Balenciaga Boutique has the color swatches for the next season.

    I remember going to BalNY and they only had a few bags in stock and so I looked at the swatches for the next season and pre-ordered a bag. Unfortunately it's really hard to tell what an entire bag will look like from a 3"-4" square of leather.

    Then when the bag came in stock they just charged my card and sent it to me. I think the wait was a couple months.
  7. Alrighty- thanks C- it's just my hope that with the lamb being used again-it serves as a precursor to Metallic--- kwim?
  8. I see what you mean now. It would be nice if they did more metallics, maybe a dark metallic charcoal color and a metallic light blue and a silver coated gold so when the silver rubs off the gold is exposed ;o)

    I think this holiday season was shown at the Trunk Show...and that was many months before the collection is actually released.
  9. RDC you are a wealth of knowledge~ thank you~

    I love the silver/gold one and the light blue~ but I'D jump over everybody for a Metallic Violet. I'd feel like I had the GOLDEN TICKET. hhahaha!!
  10. Alaska, you are so funny, and clever! I hope, hope, hope that they come out with a metallic:nuts:
    I dream of a bronze or pewter First. Wow, that would be awesome. Metallic violet would be gorgeous too.
  11. I would love a pewter one as well! Or a metallic pink!