how much above retail would you pay for your dream bag?


go pink!!
May 6, 2007
i'm sure many toki-collectors would have at some point paid over retail for a dream bag with the perfect print placement.

so i'm wondering....
- how much more (above retail) would you be willing to pay for your dream bag?
- what was the most insane price you've ever splurged on one? ;)

i know this subjective, but thought it'll be interesting to know.

here in singapore, tokidoki prices are averagely 20% more than US retail price, and we get very limited stocks. it's already very expensive to get anything here even at original retail price, let alone over retail (and we hardly have clearance sale either) :sad:


goddess ^_^
Mar 3, 2007
For me, no matter if it's the absolute perfect print, I won't pay over retail for it. All but two of my tokidoki's were bought at good discounts with placements I like or love. And the most I've "splurged" on one was paying retail for my Spiaggia zucca and denaro through Pulse.

But that's just me.


Apr 7, 2007
I admittedly have paid over retail for a few items, but it's been because they had my PERFECT print placement and the items were not readily available for sale elsewhere. I've bought more bags for less than retail than above retail, so it works itself out. Or at least that's how I justify it haha.

I think you just have to decide (1) how much you really want that style and/or print placement, (2) how likely you are to see it again, and (3) if you can afford it. Usually if I buy over retail for something, I sell an item or two to help offset the extra paid.

But it comes down to how comfortable you are with the purchase. Any way, that's my two cents worth.


pink ninja
Nov 22, 2006
hmmm i guess it would be $30 over retail..cuz that's what i paid for my foresta gioco..but then i consider it as buying the bag for retail plus tax n shipping on the lesportsac i guess that's my limit since i usually don't have to deal with tax/shipping when i get my bags


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May 10, 2007
ive paid 40 over retail each
for both tan playgrounds that i have/will be getting

i cant wait to get my last playground!!

its unfortunate that i had to pay this extra 80 for the bags since both are used
and one has a minor flaw

but alas.. the rest of my bags came cheaper so i guess in the end it events itself out


I'm a Mrs. now!
Apr 5, 2007
I paid $34 over retail for my playground bella. That is with tax factored onto the retail price I would have paid compared to what I paid inclusive of shipping on eBay. So it's not THAT bad I guess.

That is the one and only time I've been willing to pay more than what the bag was worth.

Oh and I've bought my l'amore and spiaggia zuccas at retail from Pulse .. but that's okay because I couldn't have found my perfect print placement anyhow since I rarely see zuccas at my Macy's.


Apr 13, 2007
i have never paid even retail for any of my bags ;) I've had some kinda coupon or it was on sale already... But then again... I have less than ten bags. I bought my sister a pirata gioco and pirata campeggio for 35%off today too! It's all about how much YOU want to pay...


Apr 26, 2007
I've paid over retail for a foresta BV but for me it's worth it. It's hard finding foresta items as it is, so if I see something I like I'll just get it because I know I'll end up regret not buying it.

I would definitely spend over retail for a foresta zucca ... have yet to see one IRL.


Collector w/issues.
Mar 23, 2007
foresta zucca or bambinone but only if it was the right placement, and probably not more than 20-50 dollars MAX.

Otherwise I've always paid at least 25% below retail, for the bags I've gotten, which is lucky. I think that the closest is bday gifts from the family, my birthday is near tutti and transporto, so they'll be paying retail. milking that!!!


tOkIdOkI bLoOmEr
May 22, 2007
Since I am collecting, I have little choice but pay for some of the bags a nit bit over retail. 25% Tops. But for other prints, more recent ones, I don't pay retail. It's coupons, coupons, and more coupons! I shop mainly @ Macy's, so on top of coupons, I have reward certs. It's a sweet sweet deal. I so wanna kick myself for not getting the L'AMore Zucca when it was still on sale.


Nov 5, 2006
Wow...hats off to everyone :welcome:There are a lot of bargain shoppers here!! I love bargain shopping but when it comes to toki forget about soon as I see a new print, I fall in love with it and have to have it STAT... my BF being as sweet as he is buys it for me on the spot. :love:

I've paid over retail for an original print angioletto. I paid $89 for it and I'm not quite sure at this moment how much retail was on that item but I know I paid over on it. I also think I paid over for the playground andiamo but it was sooooooo worth it :drool: that is the perfect print placement and I'd pay at least $100 over retail for that bag b/c my BF :heart:'s it so much! It's worth every penny!! :graucho::tup: