How Miu Miu shoes hold up?

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  1. have anyone here owned some miu miu shoes/ boots?
    How miu miu hold up with quality?
    I heard that miu miu and prada are the same company, my friend bought her prada tote and she complained how bad prada was. I was afraid itr would be the same with miu miu
    Thank you
  2. I own several pairs of Miu Miu and Prada boots and shoes. The quality is excellent and they hold up very well.
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  3. I have a pair of miumiu sandals and I am impressed by the quality. I bougt them in 2013 and have used them every summer since. Now it's time to change the leather soles, but apart from that they are fine.
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  4. Hi! In October I bought the Miu Miu embellished patent leather boots and let me just tell you...they’ve been my go-to boots ever since!!!! They are the most comfy and sturdy boots, not to mention fabulous and glam! Love
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  5. I have shoes from Prada and they all had issues too. I hope Miu Miu will be better.
  6. All my Prada and Miu miu items hold up perfectly :smile:
  7. I have prada and miu miu shoes for years and holds up well too.