How "mini" is the mini pochette?

  1. So now I want the mini pochette accessoires just because of the chain handle :shame: . But my question is how small is it exactly? I already have an epi pochette so I'm trying to decide between a mini and the regular mono pochette. If you have the mini could you post a pic of you wearing it? ;)
  2. there is a photo of someone wearing it on here...i'll try and find it for you. it's about the same size as a coach wristlet-a little tiny bigger, maybe. i can fit my cell phone, lots of cards, cash, lipstick/gloss, and keys in this! i absolutely love it. the gold chain is so pretty, too. also, you can use it as a wristlet, or as a mini purse b/c the chain clips on to either end. also, it can clip into your larger purses. i use it everyday in one way or another. very versatile piece.
  3. Mini Pochette Accessories is a good Wapity alternative (w/PIC)

    put this into a search and there's a photo. sorry- i don't know how to move images, etc. also, search mini pochette (titles only) in lv and there are a few threads to check out. good luck!
  4. Hope these pic's help.
    mini pouchette.jpg poucheete.jpg
  5. It's small, but so cute!


    I can fit it on my shoulder, but I'm sort of petite (I'm 5'2)

  6. roughly the size of my palm?

    its very small
  7. Yea, its really cute. My friend uses it as a coin purse. :smile:
  8. Great ref. pic heather marie! Thanks
  9. HeatherMarie18-- thank you so much for those pics! That's exactly what I needed (was deciding between a cles and the mini p)

    THANK YOU! :biggrin:
  10. Also, you could get the bucket replacement pouch - it's cheaper than the mini pochette accessories, and bigger, and still comes with the chain! I think that's what I'm going to do, next time I have a little cash...someone else here suggested it, I don't remember who...but it'd be nice to have something a little bigger!
  12. I am totally clueless. What is the bucket replacement pouch?
  13. Bucket comes with a small pouch so I think that she means that you can buy that pouch alone.. that´s a great idea, especially if it´s cheaper and bigger :smile:
  14. The bucket pouch is 7.5" x 4.25", the pochette accessories is 8" x 5", and the mini pochette accessories is 5.5" x 3.7" (all #s from elux)...

    So the bucket pouch is not that far off a pochette accessories, it seems like, and is definitely cheaper! I called it a bucket replacement pouch b/c the bucket already comes with one, but you can call and order the pouch itself separately if you want...I called 866 like last week, the guy quoted me $150 (including the chain)...someone else here bought it though, and I think she said it was $140 for the pouch plus $60 for the chain? I'll try to find the thread...

    Either way, though, it is cheaper and bigger than the mini pochette accessories!