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  1. Hi all the lovely PF'ers!!

    I wanted to check in and say "Hi!" and check and make sure that anyone who has emailed me has received a response. If you haven't please email me directly at Also if any one wants to get a special order going or needs help with a special order please email me as well! :smile:

    I'm here and we at RM are here for you guys and more than willing to help! Please do not hesitate to contact me! I want to make sure everyone is happy and taken care! :tup:
  2. Just wanted to say thanks! I got my two strap special orders this week!!!
  3. Hi Pink!

    Ooh that's great and of course you are very welcome! :smile:
  4. Hi Codi. I sent you an email a few weeks ago about the possibility of finding a Market Tote in Hazelnut. Is there any chance of this?

    Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey there to all! Yes, this is Catalina, do let either of us know of any requests for SO and we will check!
  6. Hi Catalina!
    I just sent you an email to find out if a SO for Wine Basketweave MAMs/MABs would be possible! :smile:
  7. sweetart, please keep us posted if this goes through...Thanks!!!
  8. About the Minkette Charms on the website- if I only wanted to get one charm that is $20 can I have another shipping option besides UPS, because it's $18. :sad:
    It's not practical for me to buy a $20 charm and then pay $18 in shipping. USPS first class would be MUCH cheaper.
  9. I second this. I just wanted to buy the charm too. $18.00 shipping for a charm is crazy talk. :sweatdrop:
  10. Third!
  11. Hey everyone! You will be happy to learn that shipping for the charms is actually $6 flat rate...they have changed it (it was a mistake, it appears). Thanks for taking care of this to the RM crew!

  12. I just tried, it STILL hasn't been fixed on the website.
  13. ^Oops! Well, for what it's worth, it should be changed shortly. Catalina just posted that this would be changed in the "Look what I got in the mail today" thread.
  14. I just read that. Great news!

    $6.00 still seems rather high to pay for shipping, but $26.00 for a charm isn't bad. I mean, Coach ones go for like $50.00 and LV charms/keychains are $400.00.

    I'll be checking back on the website this weekend to see if the shipping is any different. Thanks!
  15. Codi, you are 2 awesome!