How many yellow Treesje Ashers out there?

  1. Just wondering how many TPFers own yellow ashers? I was tempted to bid on eBay for a large *canary* Asher but it's gone now. I actually want the mini Asher in yellow but maybe I should have...btw, is canary yellow the same as the lemon yellow? What's the official Treesje name? I love deep, rich, warm yellows (for bags).
  2. Thanks - this is the same bag, re-listed on eBay. I'm only worried that the Asher Grande is not for you know if it's 17" or 18" wide? I'm pretty sure I just want the Asher Mini...sigh. L-O-V-E this colour though.
  3. That's not the Asher Grande. That's the regular Asher. There are three sizes of Asher -- the Mini, the Regular, and the Grande.

    As far as I know there are two shades of yellow Ashers: (1) Citrus -- the older yellow that Aznkat (i think that is her handle) has. This color was not available in the Mini (which hadn't been developed yet) and I don't think that it was available in the Grande. (2) Lemon -- slightly glazed, available in Mini and Regular, and not available in Grande.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Oooh! Thanks...I should contact the seller & just ask a few questions then. The dimensions are not listed. So I wonder if this is the older citrus yellow or newer? The ad mentions *canary yellow* ?
  5. It's Lemon. Citrus has a light silver/beige/gray interior lining. Lemon had the black cotton.
  6. Hey thanks again! You're like the Treesje Guru :p When did they stop using the nice thick grosgrain lining anyway? Heavy black cotton is ok though.
  7. Trust me, others know way more about Treesje than me. Can't remember when they stopped using the grosgrain lining -- I think sometime in late 2009 or early 2010. My Pumpkin Asher had grosgrain lining, but my Green Asher has black cotton and I think that they are only a season apart in 2010.
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    Ah, your Asher collection sounds tdf...I love green, orange & yellows! Where was I when these were available? Actually, I was looking but it's slim pickins' up here and I don't buy online much because of shipping, duty & more taxes. I don't think we ever got a single green or pumpkin Treesje up here...if it was an Asher, I would have noticed it :graucho::graucho:

    Ooops! I have to correct myself...we did have green Treesje bags up here: harper clutch & Dylan???
  9. I think pumpkin's really have to find; I'm not sure they're making that color anymore. I have a pumpkin Asher that I haven't used but I'm reluctant to give it up because I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to replace it :blush:
  10. I wouldn't give up a pumpkin Asher if I had one...even if I didn't carry her much...I think you'd have seller's remorse.

    I am *so* banned right now but I'm just one click away from that lemon Treesje Asher on eBay...unless time runs out and somebody else snatches her up :sweatdrop: :confused1:
  11. LOL I'm not going to be helpful because I say "go for it!" :p The bag is lovely and the color is hard to find...
  12. Hee, I had a better Asher collection -- Old Blue (not Electric Blue), Lipstick Red, Pumpkin, Turquoise, Raspberry, and Green. Now, I only have a Green regular Asher and a Raspberry Mini Asher (that my sister uses).

    Pumpkin is not being made anymore, but you might be able to find one on eBay/Bonanza/a store that sells older bags. Green, for whatever reason, did not seem that popular and I'm not sure that there are that many out there to hunt down.
  13. I think you should definitely go for the Lemon Asher on ebay! :woohoo: I am pretty sure that bag has been re-listed a number of times (and it tempts me every time too), and it looks gorgeous! If you watch on bonanza, you might be able to find a mini Asher though, a Lemon mini one just sold last month...

    I also have a Green Asher that I got a couple of months ago for like $165 so I think lvdreamer is right and they weren't that popular. But, I would give anything to snag a Pumpkin one!! :graucho:
  14. Ok, here she is! I finally had some spare time to go pick her up. I'm thrilled to bits because the moment I saw the yellow Asher (online photos only) I totally LOVED's the perfect shade of rich, deep, yellow (almost mustard). The photos don't do her justice because the shine looks a tad plastic but irl, I couldn't be happier!

    Treesje Asher lemon 2.jpg

    I still have a couple of (older) Treesje bags on my wishlist but we'll see...maybe I can be Treesje content for a long time now :p