How many years have you waited for your "Dream" LV?

  1. I waited almost 7 years...give or take a few months...:yes:

    It came tonight and did not disappoint...:yahoo:

    Pictures will follow, however batteries are charging...:wlae:

    I'll Post pictures of my :heart: later...Until then anybody else wait as long as I have???:shrugs:
  2. my dream bag is simple...manhattan PM.

    I keep buying little things so I can't save for this. Since November of 06. hopefully I have it by June
  3. It took me all summer to get my bag.....
    it was hard work
  4. COngrats! Mine is nearly one year ^^
  5. What is your bag? What a suspense.
    I like the roxburry in perle a year ago but I am glad I waited cos I got my pomme.
  6. I don't really have a dream LV bag at this point. I have wanted the LV Speedy for a while now---I have no idea why I never purchased it until now (2 weeks ago). I certainly could have purchased it before. I think I just couldn't justify spending more than 300 dollars on a bag before...anyway...I'm over that now.....LOL. Anyway, when I decided to purchase it finally it only took a couple of days for me to buy it. When I make a decision I go for it. I love it so much. I'm not sure which LV bag I will purchase next. I love the Nomade Line.

    I think I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a couple of LV luggage pieces. At some point I will purchase those I'm sure. I guess you can say that's my dream LV.
  7. Congrats! Your LV dream fulfilled! :smile:
  8. 7 years almost. I was lusting after the lilac epi since 2001 (when I couldn't afford it...) and it was then discontinued.
  9. im still waiting....:crybaby:
  10. :shrugs: I never really had a dream LV. Unless you count the time I waited for an LV that they were sold out of. But I only waited about 2 days for the SA to find it and ship it up to me.
  11. I'm still waiting...mine is the red/creme CB papillon.

    Congrats on getting yours though!
  12. Still waiting (Damier Noe)...:whistle:

    Sorry, how rude of me: Congrats on your dream bag!!!!
  13. I'm still waiting. Mine is the conte de fees beggars bag, but when it was launched it was waaaaaaaaay out of my reach in every possible way, but I really hope I'll have the money for it if any would pop up on eBay. I did get a conte de fees musette a while ago which helped ease my wait a bit, but yeah, I'm still waiting :smile:
  14. I'm delighted to hear that you finally got your dream bag! I've been waiting for mine for about three of these days it will be mine.
  15. maybe six month to one year for LV, :sad:. I dont have financial ability to purchase whatever i like at the moment that i want to, i have to set my bags-fund first.

    but anyway, CONGRAT FOR YOUR DREAM LV !!!!!!!!!!! Wear it in good health.