How many weekenders....

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  1. does one need???

    I have never owned the beautiful weekender but I just bought one in emerald green and haven't received it yet but I plan to use it for travel.

    Now~ I have been offered a GORGEOUS black weekender with AMAZING leather!!!~ what do I do??? Do I really need 2 weekenders??? I have a black work that I love. Do I need a black weekender too?

    HELP ME DECIDE!!!!!!!!!:shrugs: :confused1: :shrugs: What would you do?
  2. Why don't you buy the black too :graucho: and then when you have both in your posession, you can decide which one you love more and sell the other. That way you won't wonder if you would have liked the other one better. :shrugs: Of course there is always that chance that you will love both!! :heart: :heart:
  3. hi, z! you should get the black weekender. it's the perfect color for traveling because you don't have to worry about it getting dirty or darkening. also, there's nothing wrong with 2 weekenders.;) (esile <----enabler)
  4. How many Weekenders? As many as your finances can handle :yes: I have a White Weekender and would LOVE to have one in a darker color... GRAB IT :graucho:
  5. IMO since you've already got the black work,as well as a emerald weekender(it's a great color for weekender), you probably don't need the black weekender.
  6. ^I agree. But there is some sense to the idea of buying both if you can afford them and then selling whichever one you love least. I'm pulling for beautiful, glorious Emerald!
  7. I never bought a weekender, but always wanted one. I was always afraid that to actually use it as a travel bag it would get beat up so fast being in the trunk of my car, the plane overhead, the valets, I cant stand the idea of it getting abused by normal use, so I never got one....:crybaby:
  8. Am guilty of this offence! I have the WE in pale rose and magenta!! :heart:I haven't really used them so much, but plan to break them in this year when I go on holiday! There is something about the vast amount of yummy leather that makes them so addictive and attractive...pure luxury!!:yes:
  9. ^^^Those colors together make my heart beat a million times a second~ I think I told you that!!!!
  10. :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
  11. ^^I remember your admiration for them when I first posted...thanks Zac!!:love:
  12. ^^^What a beautiful picture!
  13. Take from a man who has been lusting after a Weekender - buy only one! While I love them, I don't want to enable you to waste money on an item you will occassionally use. Personally, I would go with the green since you have the Black Work -- I just think there is something so "jaunty" and "glam" about having a piece of colored luggage as a carry-on...but that is my opinion.
  14. AWWWW~ you guys~ I don't know if I want my spending $ all tied up in 2 weekenders!!! Good idea though!!! This is sooo hard!!!!!!!!

    Donna~ you should get one for travel~ black would be great for you!!! I love Bbags broken in so you can bang it around and love it even more!!!:p :upsidedown: :lol:
  15. That is what I am thinking~ do I want them basically left in the closet till I travel? I know that is what will happen so I should invest in just one. I love both colors equally!!! I have the emerald courier too~ it will look good with my weekender when I travel I think.

    I love black weekenders~ something about black that is so hard to resist for me!!!LOL