How many watches you got in total?

  1. I'm a watch-lover and I have been keeping all of my watches since I am 12 or 13. I just wonder how many watches other people have?

    When am a children I like swatch watch a lot and I got load of them. I think 20+ until last 5 years ago most of my friends reminded me that I'm too old to use swatch :sweatdrop: !! Now no more swatch.

    I also have load of that teenage watches like Casio and Guess.

    I also own brand-name watch. They are not that expensive watch. I would say that they are middle - range.

    I got 7 Gucci watches, 3 Moschino watches, 2 Dior watches, 1 Fendi, 3 tag heuers.

    My most expensive watch is a Chanel Chocolat and I think I will add whether J12 or a cartier pasha watch into my collection soon :idea: .
  2. I have a gucci which was given to me when I was 16.

    I also have a tag diamonds aquaracer which was a gift for graduation 2 years ago and that's my current watch.

    I don't have any others yet, but I am getting a Cartier.

    You sound like a serious watch collector! It's an impressive collection :smile:
  3. Total of four - one Omega with diamonds, two Cartiers (Demoiselle and Santos two tone) and a Movado. Just started getting into watches lately!
  4. I haven't wore watches in a long time, and I just got my first watch this week. :smile:

  5. The day that I didn't wear watch I look at my wrist many times a day. Although I know that I forget to wear it but it seems to be a very routine behavior :rolleyes:
  6. I have 22. Watches are my "other" addiction. I have 3 Cartiers, 1 Chanel J12, 1 Rolex, 1 Aquanuatic, had 2 tags, 1 David Yurman, 1 bamboo Gucci, 2 Lucien Piccards, 2 Micheles, and most of the rest are less popular brands and not as expensive.
  7. I have one Rolex, one Raymond Weil, and three Ebel timepieces.
  8. That is a lot of watches!

    I have 7:
    Bregeut 5140 (seriously old-school enamel dial watch given from dad straight from his wrist currently 'leased' ;) to husband so it doesn't count)
    Breguet Reine de Naples
    Cartier Pasha
    Cartier Tonneau
    Patek 4936G
    Patek Twenty~4 4910/10A
    Swatch Bunny Sutra (by far my best watch :p)
    Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Centenaire

    You still haven't made a move? :smile: I'll show you a pic of my Pasha that I took yesterday when I was messing about with my old cam. Surely J12 comes nothing close to this!



  9. Here's one of my Pasha's.
  10. well, that was a crappy pic. I will take pics of more of them later. =)
  11. I still couldn't leave J12 . The pasha that I want is the one call submarine or sth. Couldn't remember. Watch is expensive so need time to think .

    My most expensive accessory is my vertu phone and still feel stupid with what I have paid. I'm still with a student a/c (lol)

  12. Your watch is really nice with blue strap but not a big fan of leather strap :shame:

    Normally, pasha didn't catch my eyes before until the new submarine came out. My mom got one with diamond cell on top of dial ( I don't know what the model of it ) and I didn't feel any impress.

    Need to have more budget left for bags, shoes, clothes and travel trip (lol)
  13. Bee...Bee...

    I have the bunny sutra too :biggrin: too funny i love it, makes me giggle everytime i look at it!

    but apart from my amazing bunny sutra i only have one other watch and i wear that everyday! its not a expensive one or anything just a dkny one covered in swarovski crystals but im more than happy with it :yes:
  14. Sorry to nail it in :shame: but I have to tell you what I think about Vertu phones. It is the lousiest phone you can get. It's just a blinged out Nokia 3310 from 8 years ago in a new shell. Obviously the functionality was not the main intention of the handset but the concierge subscription on it is diabolical. A former colleague had one for this service but they couldn't get him a table at Nobu (when it was really hot) nor a table at some nightclub which I have no interest in and they 'outsourced' lousy flowers for his girlfriend! Hopefully you didn't get the gold one or did you? :s

    I think you are talking about Pasha Seatimer 40mm diameter with rotatable bezel and rubber strap. It's nice and sporty. BTW, can you wait because there are new (well a reiteration anyway) Santos and 21 Chronscaph coming out next month. There is even the new Love watch if you like the Love collection.

    You can get this one with black rubber strap like the Seatimer as well

    Or 21 Chronoscaph which I think is really nice for the price (if I need another watch I might get one actually but I am being too greedy and have too many already :p):
  15. :p .... The model that I like is SEATIMER not Submariner :p