how many wallets do you own?


Jun 4, 2007
I am not sure if I am alone on this, but lately I develop a special liking for wallets instead of bags. it all started when I decided to change from using a small wallet to a bigger style zippy wallet, and since the beginning of the year, I have purchase a BV, a Miu Miu and a LV mono zippy... hubby bought two of those for me, and he thought I am going nuts! :graucho::graucho::graucho:

I am now thinking of getting a pink prada wallet ... I think I need some intervention !!

Am I the only one who has more than two wallets? if you are like me, what are in your wallets collection? Do share :smile:


Mar 20, 2010
I have four, but only use one. I have two Bal giant compagnons, one BV (not sure of style name since it was a gift from DH -- it is similar in construction to the compagnon in that it opens like a book), and one old Kate Spade. I only use one, though, because I am scared to forget something important when I transfer :smile:. I tend to buy one every year. I also like using little cosmetics cases to organize myself because I try to change bags every day. I just have two -- a black BV cosmetics case and a Bal make-up in Sahara. This system works really well for me, but the thing with wallets and accessories is that they are so much cheaper than bags that it is easy to get carried away. :yes:


Jul 29, 2009
I have one nice (not designer) wallet that is really too big for what I carry, and one coin purse (not designer) that holds a few cards for when I want to use a smaller bag. I'd like to get an LV ZCP which would fit all of my bags and is big enough for what I carry, then I would use it all the time and not change. There was a long thread like this here recently, you might be interested in searching for it. I think it was called 'do you use a wallet' but many people talked about their whole collection.


Bagaholic DH
Oct 6, 2008
I have a dozen designer wallets and only 3 bags (messengers) but im a guy so thats Ok. My HG wallet is a Linea Pelle Dylan long zip. I absolutly love this wallet. The leather is so soft and the hardware is awsome looking. It's a little girly but I dont care. I just recently bought the smaller version. Some of my other favorites are my Mark Jacobs zip wallet, Dooney and Bourke, and a couple of coaches. I carry my monogram kakhi coach the most. I think I can own a 100 wallets and still want another!
Only one, a Juicy Couture wallet. I love it because it holds everything I need and has lots of compartments for receipts and extra stuff. Thinking of buying a Louis Vuitton Sarah but im not sure yet.