How many versions of pink Chanel classic flaps?

  1. Sooo...I think a pink Chanel classic flap would be a great addition to my mostly black Chanel collection.

    Just wondering...can people post all the different versions of pink they have seen previously and/or available now.

    Any owners with color codes and names would be awesome too!!

    I was considering light pink to bright bubblegum pink...

    Also--on Hikarupanda's signature, there is a bright bubblegum pink Classic flap...anyone know which that one is???

  2. Hi! :smile: Ohhh, I adore pink haha... the light (pale) pink is pretty, as is the medium pink a pfer just posted their pst in (I have a bowler in that color). Chanel has also done blush patent (very neutral beigy pink), and I've seen a deeper fushia pink. The bubblegum pink (on Hikarupanda's sig) I was lucky enough to snag fairly recently at NM (and it's an '05 pink)... the Chanel gods were smiling down on me hehe!!! :love: I nearly fell over when I saw it haha... I'm pretty sure that was the last in the company, although oddly enough the week after I bought it, another one popped up at the same store and I posted about it... I think a lucky pfer snagged it. :smile: Good luck in your pink search!!! :p

    My '05 pink :love::

    -The first pic best represents the color! :smile:
  3. ^ oh wow, everyone seems to love the bubble gum one in my signature! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that color!!! I so wish this color will come back!!!! Fieryfashionist, can you post the color code of that bubble gum pink?? Yours is a jumbo right?
  4. yes---could you post the color code for the bubblegum pink?

    also--does anyone have pic to compare light pale pink and the medium pink?

  5. ^ although I am sure the only place we can find the bubble gum pink now would probably be eBay, but I really think that chanel may one day re-do that color....I mean, how many shades of pink can they possibly think of?? They gotta recycle some colors you know!
  6. ITA that this color should come back!! It's just gorgeous! :heart: I really wish Chanel would come out with classic flaps in all colors of the rainbow - yellow, purple (they did, but need to again haha), green (like the current perfo, but in caviar), orange, red '05 (my HG red!), etc. A girl can only dream hehe. :p Here is a close up of the tag on my pink:

    Just in case, it says:

    05P A01112Y01588

    61347 Red

    I think eBay would be your best bet, but you never know, maybe this color will come out again... it's too stunning IMO to be a one season done deal! :smile:
  7. Here's a pink Jumbo/Silver Hardware from the reference thread

    Color code is 41316 ROSE
    STYLE A11869Y01588
  8. this considered "pale pink" or "medium pink"

    Thanks!!! :smile:
  9. That is just called PINK it is actually a bit deeper in person
  10. I'll check my box and tag tonight for the color number and description
  11. its peptobismol pink :lol:
  12. Is that your lovely bag? {{{droools}}}

    I actually copied the style and color code off of the box that you also pictured in the reference thread.
    (that's why I put "ROSE" since that's what the tag on the box said)

  13. Your Pink Flap is really beautiful!!! :smile:
  14. Yes that is mine in the family picture. I actually need to do a new classic flap family pic to add the new red and purple. The tag says 41316 Pink. This was from 05C, is that 2005 Cruise?