How Many Vacation Days Do You Have?

  1. As the title indicated, how many vacation days does your employer give you?

    Mine gives me 10 ... My Grandmas (both paternal and maternal) live far away from me, traveling to see either of them takes a long time. My SO also lives far away. Just trying to divide up the 10 days is pretty much impossible. Before I started working, I used to go on annual trips with my family to see places around the world. I haven't done that for 5 years already and I feel bad because I really do miss those nice family vacation time.

    What about you guys? How many days a year do you get?
  2. I am in sales, so I am lucky, I make my own schedule...pretty much if I make my quota I am free to do as I like. For others at my company they get 17 days, PTO (personal time off, vacation and sick combined) to start, 19 days after 2 years, 20 days after 3, and 24 at 5 years.
  3. I get 4 weeks Annual Leave each year, this doesn't include sick leave, but, I live in Australia, so it probably is different.
  4. In the UK you get minimum of 20 days if you're a full time worker. I get 28, which is the basic for my public sector organisation.
  5. I either need to change industry (I want to get into Consulting - but NOT because of vacation days but because it's what I like to do) or move to another country. Someone told me that 10 days is the international minimum. Is that true?

    We can't use our sick days for anything but sick days. I know many of my coworkers use it as vacations (they just call in sick), but I cannot bring myself to lie about that ...
  6. I´m in Denmark and I get 30 days -I couldn´t cope with less, easily tired-
  7. With my former employer, we switched to a PTO (paid time off) model. That was done so when one quits the company doesn't have to pay out any of that employee's unused vacation time. You accrue PTO faster than you would vacation or sick time because it's now combined into one 'bucket.'

    Many companies are now converting to this model to avoid the liability of vacation accrual and payout if someone leaves.

    I've recently switched to a contractor role, so my vacation days are ZERO. Same with holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. I don't get paid for those days. Either I work extra hours to make up the difference or I just don't get paid. But I am a contractor so my pay rate is higher than regular employees so it more than makes up the difference.
  8. I'm really lucky at the moment because I work at a pre-school and they give me all the school holidays.
  9. I'm a nurse and get 5 weeks off a year. We also use a flex time/paid time off system. I spit my weeks up over the year instead of using it all at once.
  10. Not enough LOL! 28 :sad:
  11. I get 12 vacation days-it moves up to 17 next June since I'll have been here 3 years. My company maxes out at 22 days after 5 years.

    In the U.S. we don't get nearly enough vacation days! No wonder we're such an overstressed and easily angered group!
  12. I haven't been working at my job long enough to get any. After a year I get seven days. whooo :rolleyes:
  13. Uh, I get 5 days vacation plus New Year's, Good Friday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, 2 day for Thanksgiving, and 2 days for Christmas. Sick days are at their digression.
  14. 20 days! I want more though....
  15. 5 weeks of PTO... so 25 days. I haven't even worked here a year though, and I forget at which point it goes up. And that obviously doesn't include what we get off for holidays.