How many TPFers got to get a mirroir lockit?

  1. Yesterday my SA called and told me there was a mirroir lockit available for me. I know I posted on someones thread that I wasn't going to get one due to too many bag purchases recently. But after reading how *LIMITED* it would be I couldn't help but call him back. Picked up the bag yesterday now I'm deciding whether or not I should keep it. Did everyone get a call? My SA told me the store only got 3 of each color. Oh by the way I believe he has a gold one left as of last night (Andrew from Louis Vuitton in Bloomingdales NYC). So ladies tell me your thoughts, this may really help me decide if this bag is worth keeping.
  2. Mine just arrived today I am absolutely delighted with it but I adore the miroir collection.

    It is a limited bag but it may not seem like it when you see how many people have got one on here but we knew about well before the SA's even knew and many of us got the top waitlist spots because of that
  3. Good point label addict! So I'm assuming all the lockits went to TPFers?
  4. I'd think quite a large % would be TPFers
  5. I am in the same boat as you Poo- I am getting it--- mostly b/c of the limitedness factor and I don't know if I'm going to keep it~

    I got a call from a store I WL on merely a month ago and it was by accident too- I had called 866 about a denim fuschia baggy pm and they connected me to the store that had the last one in North America - and I talked to a super sweet SA (Rebecca) from the Saks store in Columbus and she put me on the list she had for the lockit---they rec'd only 3 bags and I was 2nd on the list for silver......

    Now is that fate or what!?
  6. I usually find, from my opinion..that here on the tPF, we get the best of the best. the networking, the sharing, the information and it's true...we do get on the top of the lists more times than none. it is a very limited bag and s incredibly gorgeous. if you really love it, i would definately say obviously keep it, the limited factor is a decent reason to keep it for me, but i think you should LOVE it besides it being so limited in order to keep it.

    i hope you do, it's beautiful and it looks like you'd look so beautiful with it, good luck with your choice, i am def. on the side of the fence for keeping it! :heart:
  7. FrozenAlaska!!! I'm so suprised that the waiting list isn't a mile long. I got on the waiting list rather late like in the beginning of June. But my SA told me yesterday that I was actually the first one that called about the bag. I never thought I would ever get the bag esp. since he didn't follow up with me until yesterday.
  8. On Gayle's side too drinks anyone??
  9. i'm picking one up today! i got my call yesterday and they definitely are very limited. i'm waitlisted for both but they only have the gold for me at the moment. we shall see about the silver.

  10. But of course, why thank you! :drinkup: :drinks:
  11. Poo- I explained to Rebecca that the store I WL on back in April stil hasn't called-and then she told me that people don't realize how much runway stuff they get at the store---- so all you runway loving people need to call my SA and get on some lists (she'd probably make one if there wasn't one too!) lol~ Her name is Rebecca and she's at the Saks LV in Columbus OH, she's a SUPER nice SA!

    I didn't think I was going to get the bag--- b/c The Forum LV in Las Vegas said I was #4 on the overall list but no call yet----- maybe it was b/c I chose "doesn't matter" when she asked what color I wanted..... :shrugs:

    Regardless-------------- I should have this bag sometime this week- hopefully on Wed/Thur!!!
  12. I could've bought one yesterday but decided not to. The one that was offered to me was Silver.
  13. I got one.
  14. I got a gold (well it's waiting for me to go pick up).

    I agree, I think a large % went to tPF members....thanks to the networking here. I know at my store, Valley Fair, this was the case...simply because we asked for them and started a waitlist long before the official announcement. Myself, michelle1025, & doctor ? (I know you're out there, you lurker ;) ) last year about the lockit.
  15. My mom got a gold one and asked me if I wanted it instead of the MC speedy, and i turned it down.