How many TPFers are vegans or vegetarians ?

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  1. Anyone ?

    You don't necessarily have to shun leather. This is purely about your diet.
  2. Count me in as a vegetarian.
  3. vegetarian for 5 years, but just this past week went vegan - who knows how long that will last!
  4. 20 years of vegetarian with times as a vegan. Practically puked a lung out while pregnant two years ago, and I could only keep in disgusting is that?
  5. Not a purist but not a meat eater.
  6. I gotta say I have nothing but respect for vegetarians. I don't have the willpower to limit the types of food I eat and I enjoy meat way too much so I think it's pretty amazing how you guys can cut it from your diet! Bravo! =)
  7. Pure vegetarian, and not exactly vegan but I only eat animal products if they're in something (I would eat a cookie made with eggs but I wouldn't eat an egg).
    Every time I consider quitting, just the thought of someone eating my dog makes me only eat vegetables for at least another week.
  8. I'm a complete carnivore BUT for five years or so, many moons ago, I was a complete vegan. Wouldn't even touch Polo Mints because they had gelatine in them! I ate a lot of lentil casseroles and nut roasts and even went so far as to make my own soya milk (this was about 25 years ago!). I still like vegan and vegetarian dishes occasionally and have nothing but respect for those that choose to be so.
  9. I'm a part-time vegetarian, heh. I went completely veg 5 years ago and drifted back to meat, but I try to eat at least one meatless meal every day.
  10. Veggie for almost 7 years now.

    I don't eat anything that has touched meat, or has anything that has a meat base (e.g. soups with beef/chicken/fish broths, anything with gelatin etc.)

    I tried being vegan.. but it is just too hard. :\
  11. I don't know what I am. But, 2 years ago I quit eating meat. I figured the animals went through too much stress before dying and I didn't want that stress inside of me. However I do eat bacon and pepporoni. I do eat dairy and eggs. I do carry a leather handbag.
  12. At present, I'm a semi-vegetarian, meaning that I still eat some seafood, cheese & eggs. I don't eat red meat and have slowly (recently) weaned myself off poultry. I've been reading books on becoming vegetarian & vegan, and on Macrobiotics. If anybody has recommendations on vegetarian/vegan books please post them or PM me..I'd be so grateful!:yes::heart:
  13. ^^Hi Jen512 :smile: Please let us know how it's going!:yes:
  14. Fully vegan right now (diet-wise, not necessarily elsewhere), spent quite a long time as a non-dairy eater until deciding to go vegan. I'm allergic to most dairy foods (my dad is too), so it has generally just been easier to follow a vegan diet.
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    Actually, bacon and pepperoni is meat. If you cut those out, you'd be a vegetarian. If you cut dairy, eggs, and handbags then you could possibly be vegan. Veganism is strict. though. It's not just leather, but silk, wool, beeswax for candles...any animal by product. Even some healthfood/vegetarian stores sell natural cosmetics which includes carmine, the by product of beetles. I eat fish and seafood in limited amounts (usually sushi), so I'm not vegetarian but I combine that with a rawfood diet. If I have dairy from the store, it's made with raw milk or organic eggs direct from our local farm since homogenized/pasturized milk tends to break me out if I have too much of it. I'd love to go completely raw, but it would have to be easier with more choices. Maybe in a few years. I remember when our grocery stores didn't even carry veggie burgers, let alone the great vegetarian and vegan selections.