How many times...

  1. How many times do you call you SA do bother them for the same bag? My SA was suppose to call me this morning when the store opened, but he hasen't yet.....should I call? I last spoke to him yesterday morning. I don't want to be a PIA, but I want my bag!!!
  2. Umm I would call just because i am a PIA like that,lol
  3. oh i'm totally a PIA, there was a time when i spoke to my SA like twice a day daily.
  4. I call my SA constantly...she doesn't seem to mind. I can get relentless about getting something, and I'll call her a lot, but in the end I get what I want - so it totally pays off:p
  5. Just call, otherwise you will be thinking about it all day.:blink:
  6. It's a fine line... if you call repeatedly, the SA will know for certain that you want it, and it has less chance of mistakenly being sold to someone else, who just happened to walk in the store.

    If you call repeatedly, they may start to think of you as a PIA.

    Bottom line... they probably will think of you as a PIA, but you will end up getting what you want.

    I tried not to be a nuisance with the large leather Cabas... and it went to someone else, even though the SA said it would go to me. I think if I had harassed him more, I would be the proud owner of that bag.
  7. Squeeky wheel gets the oil, call now or you will be annoyed all day!
  8. I would definitely call your SA.
    I call and check in to see if something I want is in every couple of weeks. Gotta stay on top of it or what you want will go to someone else!
  9. My SA thinks I am insane. I call from the car, buy a bag. Than call back 20 minutes later when I am pulled over to reconfirm. Than I call again later on that day to make sure there were no problems.
    Some days I disguise my voice.....or ask another SA to check inventory.
  10. Last week, I was trying to decide weather or not to get the GST before the price increase. I called my SA 4 times one day going back and forth with my decision. The last time I started with, "I know you think I'm crazy..." lol So YES I am a PIA!
  11. :roflmfao: Thats so great!
  12. Just call. When Chanel bags are on the line, it's ok to be a total pain. If not, it'll be on your mind all day. I have learned through life (especially with Chanel) that its better to bug people and get what you want than be quiet and have this aching pain for the bag you dont have.
  13. Confirming is not a bad thing. People make mistakes all the time and if you confirm the type of shipping or your correct address, etc... it will prevent lots of problems later.