How many times you go in to "just look" versus Actually buying... in a boutique


Jan 29, 2006
When it comes to handbags in one given boutique (say Gucci or Chanel or LV).

I don't get out to the boutiques in the city much, so usually when I do go, it's with the intent to buy. For every two times I go into a boutique wanting to buy a handbag, once I'll actually purchase one.

I browse tons online, though!

Hope this question makes sense, LOL!
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I'd say it was about 20/80 between buy and look. Unless it's the Printemps. If I go there to have a look, there is usually a buying involved because I'll already know what I went for.
I sometimes get a bit intimidated, just browsing in boutique type stores, so I probably wouldn't visit them, just to browse, a lot. It's different with department stores -- it's a bit of a larger atmosphere and the sales staff are often less right there, so I can walk through and browse more. The same is true with lower end mall stores. So. I guess that I would mainly visit a high end boutique with the intention to buy. But, if I couldn't find what I wanted, I might end up browsing on that trip.

I hope this makes sense! I'm getting a bit convoluted too, Intl!
I got to LV, Chanel, Hermes, ect at least once a week (Lucky to be very close) I window shop alot. If I bought everytime I went in, that would be VERY COSTLY!
Its hard though! But between me and my mother we probably buy every third or fourth time.

I love window shopping. I like holding the bags and trying them on. Looking inside each one. Seeing what is new and coming ect.

I don't have much time to go window shopping :sad: so I browse the net a lot (and usually buy online) Sometimes I spend a Saturday just checking the "real" shops, but not that often... If I manage to get a couple of days off, I spend the whole day looking / buying @ London & New York, though ;)
I plan and mull over purchases a lot,so I browse once or twice then buy. Because we will eventually be moving to a smaller place,I am trying anymore to only buy items I love.
I'd say the majority of the time I go into a boutique, it's to buy something. I hate walking out without anything :lol: So I try to only go when I know I have the cash. Sometimes I'll go to get an idea of what they have in stock, but I do most of my browsing online.
I do window shopping from time to time but not very often. Just did it yesterday and went all through the big names. I have to say: I just hate Chanel they are so arrogant that even if they had the greatest bag in the world I wouldn't buy in this shop here in Munich. Dior, Chloe, Louis Vuitton and Theresa have great staff.
window shopping is part of my job, so I go about once a week to see what the latest and greatest is out on the street. I don't usually buy from a boutique - if I see something interesting, I will usually put the 'word' out that I want a particular item and wait until it appears lol. I love my job!