how many times shining monkey?

  1. I sprayed my new Pop H and Trouville yesterday and they look great, no changes in the color at all. I was wondering am I supposed to do it again or is once enough. It sure does stink, I sprayed outside covering my nose. Do you have to do it every few months? BTW, I hate water stains and would do anything to prevent them.
  2. I just sprayed my bag in one heavy-duty session, and with the Babylone, I'd say I used up about 1/3 of the can. I wanted to make sure it was really on there as a light coating is rather worthless.
  3. i did 2 coatings in my Speedy about 1 month ago, i just got a pochette and did 2 coatings as well, i was thinking about doing it on a montly basis...i would also like to hear what others say
  4. I usually only spray my bags a 2-3 times a year depending on how often I use the bag....and when I give em a spray i usually spray it once thoroughly, let it dry, then do it once more...hope this helps!
  5. I sprayed my denim 3 times, about 2-3 hours apart.
    Then just left it sit out and air dry over night.
  6. I've never used Shining Monkey before, and I just ordered one bottle from :supacool: I wanted to ask though, do you spray the ENTIRE bag or just the leather sections (i.e. handles/trim)? :shrugs:
  7. just spray the leather sections, if you get some on the canvas just wipe it off with a cloth =)
  8. Thank you!! :yahoo:
  9. Yea, My question is If I do use shining monkey, how often do aI spray f I use the bag everyday? and it's a protector right? what do I use when the bag does get dirty? and do I soak the leather (like put the bottle a few cm from the leather) of lightly do it a couply of times (how many cm frm the bag?) thnx!
  10. Shinoing monkey is not recommended by louis vuitton , shining monkey is for car use only .
  11. i dont think LV recommends anything. But if they want to continue to make bags that stain by mere water then we must find a way to stop it. Shining monkey, apple guarde whatever you want to use. beats running like a mad woman for cover when the impromptu rain storm decides to kick up. sticking ur bag in your coat, underneath your shirt, in a plastic bag. We've all done it. I even took my wallet and things out of my bag and put it in a safe at work it was raining so hard one day and i refused to walk to the subway with it. Ya gotta do whatcha gotta do
  12. OMGosh, not this again! LMBO!

    People need to do searches. . . this is getting beaten to death already!

  13. I totally agree with you. Is there anyway we can put all of these threads together ?
  14. Can you use shinning monkey on older bags or just do it when you get a new lv and the leather is almost white????
  15. Some people re-coat their bags eventually and some have just purchased it and used it on bags they already have so that's considered older bags. Yes, you can use it on them.