How many times per month/year/week do you use a bag?

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  1. Okay I'm going to attempt to explain what I mean here but this may get confusing. How many times per month or year or week to you need to use a bag in order to justifying your using it enough to keep and not sell? KWIM?? I was thinking about this over the weekend and I would say that if I used a bag at least 5 times per year for a span of at least 1 week at a time (meaning I could not use it for one day five times) I would keep the bag. How about you??
  2. As long as I used it once, it justifies my purchase:yahoo:. Not really one to sell my bag. If anything, I've given them to my sis, mom or cuzin's.
  3. I have some bags I haven't used in a year, esp. now that I have so many of them and buying new ones all the time.

    I am like Kuuipo, I don't sell my bags either. If I bought the bag it was for a reason, to celebrate an occassion, because I liked it, etc. and I don't just buy a bag without thinking a lot about the purchase. So I won't sell for sentimental reasons. I get attached even if I only wear it a little.
  4. I have decided that I will no longer sell my bags. I used to sell ones that I tired of on eBay, but it is soooo risky that it makes me nutty every time that I do it. Now, I am much more careful with my purchases.
  5. I think using it 3 times a month justifies it. Figure there are around 4-ish weeks in a month so that's 3 evenings out. I have actually been in this boat too with regard to buying any small bag or clutch. I bought the mini damier papillon off eBay in Feb. and I have yet to use it! I may use it in May, lol, when MIL comes to visit and we may go on a date, lol.

    The recital and the black mc wapity are both going to be totally underused however until our kids become better sleepers and we feel more comfortable going out in the evenings. But my dh and I would never go out more than once a week(date night) and one week out of the month we are sure to skip. Thus, if I have 2 or more evening bags to choose from (which I do) that lowers the chances of wearing the bag to more like 2 times a month...I'd still get it though but w/in reason on the price. For me if I'm only going to wear a bag 2 or 3 times a month(which amounts to 36x a year max) I wouldn't spend more than $400 on it and that's only if it's a classic like the mono recital imo. GL! interesting thread, I've wondered this myself as you can see!
  6. I'm considering selling a non-lv bag that I bought and have never used. Although I still like it. All of my LV's are relatively new, so they're in heavy rotation.
  7. I rotate my bags regularly so all of them get used several times per year, even my LE ones.
  8. I figure if I spend around 400 tops on it, it would be like spending around 10 a shot for every time I wear it out of the 36 times I would wear it in the course of the year. I'd rent a great bag for just 10 dollars, lol.
  9. Same here. I rotate a lot. I like to make sure all my pretties get their fair share of attention. I have a problem getting rid of my stuff, even things I rarely ever use, so I doubt I'll be selling any of them.
  10. i rotate my bags too so they all get used...i use the fancier ones less of course...but try to use them often.
  11. That's a lot of rotating! You have sooo many bags girl;)

  12. Same w/ me...I usually just keep my bags b/c after they are returned or sold I get very upset and want it back!
  13. i try to rotate every 2 weeks to another bag or if the outfit or occasion requires it. ;) i try not to let my bags sit and collect dust. but i'm guilty of it sometimes.
  14. Weird I know but I carry each bag for 2 days & then switch.
  15. if i only use it once or twice i month i don't really wnat to keep it... but still haven't sold any of my lv's yet...