How many times...on average!

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  1. I love Louis Vuitton and visit its sites and quite frequently on a daily basis?

    I was just curious as to how many times on average per day do you visit your fave designer web page.

  2. Maybe once a day. More on days when I have nothing to do.
  3. i probably visit twice a week.
  4. Three or four times a week. I'd love to visit more often, but it's too depressing since I can't really afford anything at the moment.
  5. Once every few days
  6. Once every couple of also depends on if I recently got paid, then I am on the site more often!
  7. I only vist them when I have $ to spend. lol
  8. Depends on whether I'm bored at work or not. Or if I'm procrastinating! Usually I don't spend too much time on eLux, it's a pretty straightforward site so for me I only go there when I'm purchasing something specific or to check prices of items.
  9. Once Every Couple Of Days....
    They Send Me Emails Daily Though!!

  10. Same here!:yes: :nuts:
  11. A few times a week.
  12. Once or twice a week, usually because I'm putting off homework.
  13. This thread is an EXACT duplicate of one in the LV forum..CLOSING...Thanks!
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