How many times have you lost on Ebay?

  1. I have only ever brought 1 item off eBay (a Zara Butterfly dress) because I have heard so many horror stories and am scared of being scammed.

    I have managed to pluck up the courage every so often but.... lost three Chanel auctions since Dec last year, two for Valentine chains and one last night for a brown tote, all in the last 1-2 minutes.

    What has your experience been like?
  2. I have not really bid on any Chanel bags (Just one buy it now) however, I have lost quite a few auctions, but I have won more than I have lost.
  3. I have lost a few auctions. It basically means that the item I bid on was not meant to be. That's how I make myself feel better about the lost.
  4. I only try to go for Buy It Now Auctions on eBay that way you don't end up paying more than you intended to in a frenzied bidding war and it is more of a considered purchase. I did get scammed on some items a few years ago, but nothing that I couldn't get refunded, so all in all my experiences with eBay purchases have been very good, especially at finding items that are not available anymore. Also a big thank you to the authentication ladies, always:heart:. You guys have been great.
  5. I have lost a few from my own policy of not getting caught up in a bidding frenzy. The best part about ebay is that there will always be another great item up for sale around the corner. If I don't win something, I just wait for the next item to come along.
  6. What's more heartbreaking to me is not the auctions that I've lost, but the auctions that I've missed outright. It's one thing if I bid for an auction and lose because someone else is willing to pay more than I am, but it's another thing entirely if I never even got a chance to bid. There were a few I missed last year that I don't think I'll ever get over!! LOL!
  7. I get beat sometimes at the last second. hah! I usually set my max price about 10 sec before it ends...(when i happen to be near a computer). If i win...that's good, but if I lose...oh well, it was above my budget.

    I've never had a bad buying experience. When something happens, I always get my money back. Paypal and ebay are very good to buyers. It's selling that's more risky.
  8. I was just in agony over this yesterday! I was looking at 2 different BIN auctions for bags, was just waiting for an answer to a question I asked the seller. Both sellers answered right away, but someone else used the BIN on the bags within 15 minutes of the answers I got. So I never got a chance to bid.
    I tell myself too, that it was not meant to be....
  9. I usually do pretty good on EBay. However, I recently lost a Chanel auction that I probably won't get over for awhile. It was for a fairly rare bag that wasn't being bid up too much, so I waited until the end and then put in an amount $700 over the current bid, but still lost and of course, that makes me want it even more! :crybaby:

    Oh well, there's enough eye candy on this forum to help make me forget. :p