How many times do you relist before you call it a day?

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  1. Assuming an item you're selling can be returned, how many times do you relist it before you throw in the towel?
  2. each time i reduce price....about 5th time...i gave it away:yes:
  3. i relist twice usually unless it's something really good...then 3 or 4
  4. Usually 3 times...if I have watchers and it ends, I always relist.
  5. Depends. Every time I relist, I lower the starting or BIN price a little. If I've lowered the price as much as I feel comfortable doing, and it still doesn't sell, I give up.
  6. I tried to sell a Coach Business Tote (retail 398) for starting $320 to the 4th time ($209). I simply wouldn't go any lower so I gave up. The same person CONTINUED to send me $75 offers that I laughed at. I would rather let it sit in my closet to use once a year than to give it away for less than 25% of retail.

    Another hard to sell item I listed 3 times before it sold. However, I have been told that people don't like my shipping costs OR the fact that I don't accept returns.

    Have you looked to see if similar items are selling at a comparable price to yours? However, if you can return it don't waste too much money in listing before recoving your money from the store.
  7. i have a no return policy as well and like the rest..i lower my starting price everytime i relist but up to a certain point..if it doesnt sell i give it away or if its a gift :smile:..i probably relist for 3 times...i give the item a month or so :biggrin:
  8. Never....everything starts at 99p!
  9. I also start my auctions at .99 then you don't have to relist it brings in the buyers but doing this you take your chances.
  10. I only occasionally sell a handbag, I typically sell VERY expensive home goods, collectibles, and antiques. These items require a certain audience, and there isn't going to be a following every week. I don't NEED to sell the items, but, I no longer get the joy from them that I once did. As a result, I will relist up to 7 times but never reduce the price. As aforementioned, I'm not in a dire situation so I'm not willing to take a hit. The right buyer will come along at the right time....they always do!
  11. I've re-listed a couple of times but I don't reduce the price. Sometimes it's just not listed at the right time of year.
  12. I relist a couple of times if there are watchers when it ends and if it doesn't sell then I up the price and let it sit in my store until the right buyers comes along
  13. I will only relist 2 times, so listed a total of 3. I've only had to relist a 2nd time 2 times and did well in the end.
  14. I might list twice but give up for a while. Otherwise I feel I'm losing $$ relisting over and over.
  15. ITA. I used to do this a lot, but I ended up selling a $900 pair of Hermes shoes for $66 :cursing: