How many times do you have to relist something?

  1. Hi, i am just wondering...How many times should I relist something? I have 2 low end purses on, and one is going on it's second time. If I list it 3 times , I have spent most of my profit! I was just wondering, because almost everything I have ever put on sold the first time.
    I have a couple of high end bags, but if I list them twice I basically break even for eBay and paypal fees:crybaby:
  2. I am on my second go round with my bags.....I take a break and then will relist them....these are the highend bags, and I will not sell them cheap.....
    Have a reserve and start the bidding low, to draw attention to your bag.....
    eventually it will sell.....
  3. With low end items, I normally just start them ridiculously low (like, seriously, $0.99 or $9.99 or whatever) and just let it fly. Whatever it ends with is what I get, for better or for worse.

    I do NOT recommend a reserve. If anything, it discourages bidders in droves and the fees for reserves are silly-expensive.
  4. ^I do the same thing. The annoying thing is, sometimes even when I do start my auctions low, all I get are watchers, not buyers. :push:
  5. Thanks, so if I want to cover my costs-lets say 150.00
    Would I start my auction low ,like 24.00 and then what happens if the highest bidder is 50.00? I would lose the cost of the bag and pay eBay and paypal fees.
    Sometimes I find a cool purse on sale for like 60% off and try to sell it for maybe 30-40dollars profit. If I have no reserve, I could lose right?
  6. I am on my second re-list. If my items don't sell I am just going to keep them and start using. The first time around I had 25 watchers on an item but still ended with no buyers, so annoying.
  7. I just relisted a bag and had like 190 views, and only 3 bidders. It ended and It didn't even come close to my reserve. I'm definitely not putting that one up again. My other one has two watchers, no bids.
  8. I re-list once and then if the item still doesn't sell, I put it in my eBay store. It's still kind of slow right now, so that's what I have been doing. :smile:
  9. i am on my like 3rd or something for my Groom Agenda! I usually NEVER have to relist! so sad.