How Many Times Can You Exchange at BalNY ???

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  1. I bought The Purse and sent it back and now have a Store Credit ... if I use it to get a Twiggy but don't like it, can I exchange AGAIN for something else ???

    anyone ever do that?
  2. I was told that you can only exchange twice and then if you don't like it you're pretty much stuck with it. That's why I bought elsewhere. HTH.
  3. I've been avoiding buying from balny because I dont like the return policy. I havent yet returned anything, but the day will come where they will send me crappy leather I'm sure. I want the Marine Blue in a City or Shopping, and I'm not sure I want to wait till NM gets them.
  4. ^^ yeppers, dat's da truth!!! :true:
  5. It's one, two three strikes you're out at the Bal game!
  6. Twice and that's it.
  7. iwas thinking about it taht other day. i have excahnged once and thinking... damn... i only have 1 more strike before i am stuck with what i buy.
    i tried to buy from other stores, but on the phone, the SAs from other stores do not sound very knowledgable about bbags. most of them keep telling me taht the leather is the same and no variations on the leather.... so i dont know....
  8. Thanks girls!

    so does this mean I can try the Twiggy and still exchange it if I don't like it?
    I think that is right ...
  9. I would call them and confirm that. And ask if they can take photos of a few different Twiggy's so you can pick one that appeals to you the most. Good luck! Let us know what happens! :yes:
  10. I think they're general rule is one exchange, but it may be worth seeing if they'll make an exception. When I bought my first bag there, Daphne told me I could do a second exchange (for third bag) if necessary, although I didn't end up doing so.
  11. So you only have up to 2 exchanges during your entire life time of shopping in BalNY??!! :wtf:
  12. ^ Yes, this is correct.
  13. what stinks is they don't tell you about the policy when you make the purchase (at least they didn't used to) :sad:...when i 1st heard about it from another PFer, i thought it meant 2 exchanges per purchase (silly me) :shame:...afterall, these are $1K+ bags we're talking about here...but apparently the "2 exchanges per lifetime" thing is true...needless to say, i won't ever be shopping there again :wlae:
  14. Damn.... I might have to start having relatives buy bags for me from BalNY.... husband, cousins, second cousins, second cousin's spouses.....

  15. WHAT!!! :wtf:

    you mean if I were to ever buy another bag from there I couldn't exchange that one EVER???

    WOW! I am supposed to go to NY in June, so maybe I will wait til then to use my Credit so I can hand pick my bag ...