How many times are your ears pierced?

  1. And do you wear earrings all the time?
  2. Too many times! lol I have three at the bottom of each ear, and in my right ear my cartilage is pierced at the top, and my tragus (little hump of cartilage at the front of the ear right in front of the ear canal) is pierced. I have a total of 8 and there is an earring in each one BUT...I wear diamond studs going from large to small in all the holes, and a small hoop in my tragus. It doesn't look overwhelming at all. Sometimes I change earrings in the first hole to diamond hoops or larger studs. Hoops or large earrings in anything other than the first hole is a no-no.
  3. Sounds great! I am thinking of adding some new earrings this year!
  4. I have three lobe ones in one ear,with a cartlidge one at the top,two lobe ones in the other,I wear a pair of .75 cts in each sied and a .25 cts in the carlidge one.Thats it!!! I used to wear all kinds of silver bits and bobs,and have still got loads of unusual and sentimental earrings!!

    Weirdly enough,the cartlidge one at the top was the least painful after,went a bit throbby,and then that was it,healed the quickest too
    christmas stuff!! 007.JPG
  5. I see that you don't wear the other earrings anymore? Do you ever put earrings in to keep them open?
  6. 2/ear, I wear 1 carat in each bottom hole and 1/2 carat diamond in each top.
  7. Only one per ear. I am the biggest wuss ... I felt horribly sick after they were done and actually fainted. I was crying and shivering for several hours afterwards too! I mostly wear tiny little white gold huggies, only take them out to clean them or to change into something else for a special occasion.
  8. 3 in one ear, 2 in the other
  9. Pierced twice, but I so regret the second piercing which thankfully has pretty much closed up and is virtually unnoticeable.
  10. Only one hole in each ear. I like the way the upper ear looks, but I'm afraid it would hurt too much and that I'd look silly with it.
  11. 1 per ear
    my sister pierced her upper right ear cartilage but soon afterwards let it close up
  12. 3 on left, 2 on right.

    Bottom - 1 carat
    Middle - 1/3 carat
    3rd - tiny gold hoop
  13. I have 2 holes in each lobe, but I only wear one pair of earrings anymore. The second holes have closed so that I can't get an earring in, but the holes are still visible :sad:

    I also had the cartilage in my upper right ear pierced years ago, but it never healed well so I took it out after about a month. There's a small bump from scar tissue on the back of my ear, but thankfully there's no visible scar.
  14. i have three on both lower ears . one my left i have the industrial piercing and on my right i have one in my cartilage a lil hoop
  15. 2 in each ear lobe. Typically wear one pair of earring - second holes I wear something simple from time to time (diamond or pearl studs)