How many times a day

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  1. do you change clothes? It never occured to me that I'm wearing a different outfit FOUR times a day!!! Is that weird? I wake up and put on old gym clothes to work out in, then take a shower and put on my regular outfit for the day, come home for the evening and put on comfy lounge clothes and lastly put on pj's to sleep in:faint:
  2. 3-4x a day as clothes, gym clothes, lounge wear, and pjs...although sometimes i fall asleep in my lounge wear :shame:
  3. Oh....I don't have to work, so whatever I put on for the day is what it will be. But, if we are going out, I change. It would drive me crazy to change out 3 or 4 times a day. When we lived in Michigan, though, it was nothing at all to change from a sweatshirt to a long sleeved shirt, to a tee shirt and then from jeans to shorts and then back to jeans and a jacket. Don't miss that!
  4. Its really driving me nuts! I never really thought about it until now. And i cant figure out a way to cut down on the changes either:cursing: Its like I'm a toddler all over again lol all these outfit changes. I mean obviously I wont get all gross & sweaty in anything but the work out clothes but I cant wear PJ's when I go out and I cant fall asleep in my pants/jeans/skirts:roflmfao:
  5. It depends. Usually 2-3 Times a day.
    School Clothes
    Then I'll either put on comfortable clothes, and i'll be done for the day. Or I'll put on gym clothes, go to the gym, then come home and after my shower put on pajamas.
  6. depends; on a weekday usually twice - once into working attire then into home lounging clothes.
  7. well essentially i change 3-6 times just depending on the day and what is happening that day but it takes me 10 tries just to pick an outfit out haha
  8. Around 3-4 times a day, pj's to outfit, outfit to lounge wear, lounge wear to pjs, and an extra change if I have to go somewhere special.
  9. I start the day in workout clothes, then change (and shower!) into what I will wear for the day, then I put on my lounge wear, which right now is my PJs w/ lots of layers. So I guess technically I change 3 times a day...never thought about it before, I guess I think that's normal...
  10. same its 4 and right now im in gym clothes
  11. I would say 2-3 times during the week,work clothes, gym clothes, lounge clothes...

    On the weekends... usually 1-3 times... running around errand clothes, gym clothes, going out clothes...
  12. 3-4 times
    School clothes
    sweats ( for sports)
    and then pajamas

    clothes for day
    clothes for night (jacket etc)
  13. about 3x a clothes to sweats and then pjs
  14. A lot! There were times I would change 5-6 times a day. Every time I would go do something I would have to shower and then put on my fresh clothes. So that would mean like 5-6 showers a day. I have this problem that I can't put on an outfit without showering first, even if I haven't broke out into a sweat. I think there were a rare few times that I changed 7 times in one day. Yeah, I know. Hence why laundry has to be done every week and how much I hate doing it.
  15. work clothes, lounging clothes for when i cook and eat dinner and hang out, pajamas