How many things can you get into a Wristlet?

  1. I'm working on it! So far, cell phone, change purse, my ridiculously large key ring, and lip gloss. Tell me what you can cram! I'm trying to get my digital camera to go in too...It's all about positioning!
  2. I can fit my digicam, some cards and a lipgloss in this one:


    I can fit even more in the flap wristlets:

  3. cash, a few cards, cell or my mini digital cam, lipgloss. car key (if I leave the others off the ring).
  4. I can fit my phone, lipgloss, cash, and those mini cards things that some stores have (you know like the ones that can hang on your keys)

    My friend just got a Razr phone and she put that in her wristlet and there still was lots of room...
  5. Oh man, I can cram just about everything into my double pocket wristlets --


    At the moment its packed with cosmetics, but I could probably get my cell, keys, a mirror, change&cash, cards, two things of lipgloss and my contacts case in there (maybe even my camera included but it would probably start to look bulky by then).