How many text messages do you use per month?

  1. I got my bill yesterday. My man pays for it so he was looking at it and then was like.." 1,044 text messages? Who the heck do you text??!?!" lol!!!! :wlae:

    I don't like to talk on the phone much but I am a text ninja.

    So how many text message do you normally use per month?
  2. When I was with my BF, a lot. I was on his phone plan so I never saw the bill. He was in the wireless industry in retail management so it was very commonplace for him and his staff and he got me into it.

    But now that we're not together I don't text much at all. My friends really aren't into it either...we just email or call eachother.
  3. haha @ text ninja! I can relate I text way too much. Its so convienient. Im one of those people that can have large conversations via text that last hours, and perhaps if I had picked up the phone I could have been able to get to the point in under 5 min.
  4. usually no more than 100.. that's what's in my plan and i hardly ever go over it.. not intentionally but I guess my friends & I aren't much of texters..
  5. Around friends and I aren't really into texting, we see each other almost daily so there's no need for it.
  6. none, I don't text anyone and no one texts me.
    We just "talk" like in the olden days! :p

    Thankfully! LOL!
  7. i use hundreds! but i get unlimited texts with my network.
  8. lol. even my parents text me. :nuts:
  9. LOL love it! Hey I email with my 91 year old grandmother all the time...she rocks! :tup:

    Love this thread...

  10. Great thread ... I have unlimited messages with my provider, but I never send more than 5-10 a month. I much rather call or send an email :yes:

    Only time I ever really text is when my grandparents (78 and 79) are on holidays all over the world :p They send me little updates about their trips. Sooo cute. I love them! :heart:
  11. mine is a unlimited plan, like 5$ per month or something....i probably do maybe 100 a month....i've just recently gotten more into texting...its an easier way to talk to my DH during the day, especially cause he works in a hospital
  12. ummmm.. probably somewhere a little over 200.... I have some pretty personal conversations with people on my cell and I would rather noone else hear them lmao!!
  13. I have AT&T's $5 for 200 messages/month. I try to not to exceed that. I'm a late bloomer when it comes to texting. I just started around a year ago.
  14. I have to have unlimited texting because I HATE talking on the phone unless I absolutely have to. I would say I send about 500 a month, but I dont really keep track.
  15. As few as possible. cell phones are not really vestigial vision-friendly devices.

    I am doing good to punch in the numbers to make calls, or hopefully, find the number already in there somewhere so I don't have to punch it in.

    After two years with this phone, I still haven't figured out what to hit when one call is interrupted by another.

    Doing that hit the 6 nine times to make the letter "N" or whatever is just not on my top ten list of fun things to do with my hands. I can barely see the keypad, much less find the damn 6 key!