How many teenagers are in this forum?

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  1. Just out of curiosity (and I'm in a "polling" mood tonight) how many teens are in this forum? Its of no consequence, but there are some threads about relationships here that reek of young love. And believe me, I very much enjoy sharing my much deserved wisdom with all you youngins' cause I have seen it all!:roflmfao:

    so come on, how many of you are in here? and you can always come to the "shoo" for advice.....
  2. I'm a youngin, but not a teen so much! Shoo.. they might be in bed!! :roflmfao: JK- they are probably all out for the night, unlike us old folk!
  3. Im a teenager! Only 17 years old.:supacool:
  4. I'm 19, so it's my last year as a teen!
  5. its 11:30! why arent you in bed!

    ha ha. I used to get ready to go out at 10 pm and come in at 5 am.....not that I'm condoning that or anything.....
  6. haha as I was reading the first line I heard my mother's voice in my head! As old as I am, she still gets mad when I'm not in bed by 2 am. Thank GOD for dorms 8 months out of the year. :yahoo:
  7. who you callin old folk ya lil whippersnaper! (insert banjo music here)
  8. I'm no longer a teen-ANYTHING!! :crybaby:
  9. i thought i was young until tonight. hanging out with 21 year olds is making me feel ancient. *le sigh* :biggrin:
  10. Do you mean chronologically...or mentallY?:nuts:
  11. 21...not a teen!
  12. You should've done a Poll:yes:
    I think a lot of people are reluctant to admit their young age.
    I know we have a pretty big audience of 12-13 yr olds though.
  13. 17! woohoo!
  14. 19 here!
  15. 16
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