How many strikes???

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  1. How many Unpaid Item Strikes does it take for someone to get NARU'd??? I had a 'buyer' purchase 3 bags from me and not pay for any of them. I just closed all 3 UPI's and am wondering how many they can get before getting NARU'd. I thought it was 3.
  2. I thought 3 too.
  3. Ebay doesn't always NARU for unpaid strikes any more. There is a buyer that has stiffed some antique dealers - 8 of them. 8 transactions had strikes filed in the last 2 months.

    Buyer is still on Ebay. And bought 3 more items this week.
  4. That is just wrong! This buyer is a new ebayer with a FB of 1. I looked up her bidding history and OMG! I certainly hope, but seriously doubt, that she is at least paying for some of them and not screwing over a ton of sellers.

    At one point, about 3 days after the auctions ended, she sent me 3 messages all saying the same thing.

    may i pay for my backpack first and an invoice for the other two in a week thank you kare

    I wasn't happy about it, but it made me hopeful that she might complete the transactions, so I said sure and asked when exactly she would be paying for the other 2. I re-invoiced her and never heard a word out of her. I filed the UPI's and went on about my life. Closed them this morning and relisted 2 of the bags. My daughter decided she wanted one of them. Such is life I guess.

    I might add, I should probably stop letting my daughters see the bags I buy for resale. Their collections are growing and becoming quite stunning! LOL
  5. No one know how many strikes it will take to naru a npb anymore.
  6. Just curious why after the first or maybe even the second did you not block this buyer. She sounds like a major headache. Block her and forget her business.
  7. Oh believe me, she is blocked now! The 3 auctions she won all ended on the same day. I was skeptical from the start.
  8. UNBELIVEABLE!!! So I close the 3 unpaid item disputes, relisted 2 of the bags and gave the other one to my daughter. Now the buyer messages me on ebay!!!

    Here is her message:

    you are reselling something i purchased and you never sent me a seperate invoice for

    So I responded...

    I did send you a seperate invoice, twice. I also responded to your question by asking when exactly you planned to pay for the other 2 items, to which you never responded. I also opened 3 Unpaid Item Disputes through ebay, that you never responded to. And I then closed the disputes which resulted in you recieving 3 Unpaid Item Strikes on your account. You had every opportunity to pay for the items, and you never did. You wasted my time by bidding on my items when you could not pay for them. I have placed you on my blocked bidders list. You are no longer welcome to bid on my items.

    Then she responded....

    i never received your seperate invoices and you are very rude

    By now I was pizzled....

    You didn't receive the 2 seperate invoices I sent you, the message asking when you planned on paying for the other 2 items, nor did you receive the 3 notices that I filed Unpaid Item Disputes? I find that very hard to believe. It was rude to waste my time. Do not contact me again or I will report your messages to ebay as harrassment.

    Okay, so maybe I could have been a little more polite. I just get so tired of NPB's. I really could have done without her running up 3 of my auctions, ignoring the invoices for 4 days, then asking if she could pay for 1 then & the other 2 in a week. I then sent her seperate invoices and a message asking exactly when in a week she was going to pay for the other 2.... she ignored them. Three more days later I resent her the invoices & then 2 days later filed the UPI's. She just ignored everything! And now I'M RUDE???

    Okay... thanks for letting me vent.
  9. Ridiculous, eBay sent her reminders and an email on each when you filed. She would have gotten another from them before you closed the case. Don't let her get to you.
  10. I know, I know... I guess I just needed to vent. You know how you just get that gut feeling that someone is not going to pay? I had it.
  11. what a trip....sorry you had to deal w/ that.
  12. I just closed one of my nonpaid disputes last night and the winning bidder was NARUED as soon as I closed it!!! She must have had at least another nonpaid strike. :yahoo: