How Many Spring Bags Have You Bought Already?

  1. Ive Gotten My Start.....with The Khaki/chocolate Large Carly, The Blue Miranda,and Am Heading To Coach Tomorrow To Add To My Collection.
  2. Are all of the sping bags out already or will there be more? I was hoping for something really colorful!!
  3. My beautiful Madeline was given to me as a gift a couple of days ago from my friend/PF mod sunshine. And I just received my white patent ergo from eBay yesterday! More than enough for me!
  4. none for me so far.....:confused1: I've been waiting for some of the new Spring bags to hit the stores so I can see IRL first. I can't wait to check out the mini Lily and the new patent Ergos (if and when they ever appear!)
  5. I bought one!!!! My khaki/berry Carly!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  6. None from Coach (so far), but I have from other brands.
  7. I bought the Pond Ergo Hobo.:yahoo: I took pics and :heart:loved:heart: on her and now she's put away until mid March and then it'll be "Happy Bday to Me" and "Bring on Spring"!!

    That's probably it for now b/c I'm broke after such a great Coach week. :nuts::p (Unless I happen upon a white ergo hobo, or a belted vintage ergo tote or...):p
  8. I bought a Medium Lily (black), Bridgit (black), Resort woven clutch, and a Bridgit (silver/platnium) on its way! Also two Mirandas (black and bordeaux) off eBay. Hmm, all black and silver.... not very Spring-like! :lol:
  9. I bought a Hamptons Leather Embossed Signature Stripe Medium Carryall in Doe (perfect for Spring/Summer) from the Boutique and just recently the Hamptons Tattersall/Plaid Suede Carryall from the Outlet. I think I'm set until PCE, if I can hold out that long! *LOL*
  10. I am waiting for the heritage stripe pink XL satchel!
  11. I've only purchased one spring bag and hopefully that will be it (i'm thinking it will be). I just spent $1000 on a Macbook so i'm in trouuubbbllleeee.
  12. Just got my Legacy today and I'm not using her until the end of March!
    legacy and mini.jpg
  13. I have these! I can't wait to add more spring bags. Hopefully before v-day. :smile:
  14. I have the Bleeker Duffle in Canary for right now. There is nothing
    else that I want right now from Coach so I just need to wait and
    see if anything hits me come March. I saw the new floorset today
    at 57th and Madison and it was really blah for me. The only bags
    I like so far are the Bleeker Duffles in Spring Colors!
  15. One...

    the hamptons carryall with lilac stripe...i am going nuts, i can't wait to use it!

    I am hoping for a warm march so i can break it out sooner than later lol