How many Speedy's do you own?

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  1. I recently bought a Speedy 30 and am in LOVE!! I am already thinking of my next Speedy!! How many do you own, and which ones?? I would love a "summer" Speedy.
  2. I had 5 (Azur 30, Mono 35, Mono 25, Damier 25 and Epi 25) but sold 3 (Mono 35 & 25 & Damier 25) so now I only have 2 but I LOVE speedies and I'll have them replaced soon. I have other priorities right now but sooner or later, I'll repurchase mono & damier in 30 and I'm saving up for a mini lin croisette speedy right now. I'm hoping to get it sometime this month and it's going to be my summer bag. :yes:
  3. 2 !

    Mono 25
    Azur 25

    I'm thinking about a damier 25 in the future, or possibly a mini lin ebene. :yes:
  4. 7? sold them all though :yes:

    Azur is very summery (but can hold it's look all year IMO)
  5. I have 3 speedies: a 25 in mono and in azur, and 30 in mono. I love them all! I actually had 2 monos in the size 30 (one old, one new-I got really obsessive over speedies :graucho:) and ended up selling the newer one.

    Since the Tivoli came out, I've been considering selling another one to get more variety into my collection but couldn't bring myself to. I don't even know which one I would be able to let go as I love them all!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.